Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scousers trousers pulled down for the second time..

Losing 4-0 at home to Arsenal in the FA cup was funny enough, but losing 6-3 to the same side in the Carling Cup just three days later at Anfield is hilarious. Liverpool fans will be wishing that this game could have been played in the fog so at least they'd have an excuse, thankfully it wasn't, it was played out in front of 42,000 fans and millions on tv, many couldn't believe what they were seeing.

After the game and to his credit, Rafa Benitez faced the music on Sky tv, our Fergie wouldn't have done that as many other managers wouldn't have done. The Liverpool manager says he picked the right team, which wasn't the view expressed by various pundits. What impact these hammerings will have on Liverpool's season remains to be seen, results of the like we've seen at Anfield over the last few days live long in the memory and as this season unfolds it will be interesting to watch developments on the managerial front.

Despite the two thrashings I doubt Liverpool would consider replacing Benitez and bizarrely I still think they've got a good chance of beating Barcelona in the Champions League, that's assuming Eto'o still isn't fit, if he is then changes things dramatically and I'd back Barca.

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