Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Martin O'Neill gambling like never before and feeling the pressure?

I have been watching developments at Villa Pak with interest since the arrival of Martin O'Neill, the Ulsterman is always linked to United every time talk of Fergie retiring arises.

Further to this one quite surprising fact has emerged in that his biggest player acquisition in terms of the size of the fee during his lengthy managerial career so far took place this week with the signing of Watford's Ashley Young, he's signed for Villa for £9.75m, it isn't a huge amount, but Young lacks experience and so eyebrows have been raised slightly, so much so that O'Neill must be feeling the pressure if this quote is aything to go by 'Arsene Wenger and Ferguson can spend all of the time, am I supposed to stay down?'..

IF O'Neill is feeling the pressure because of spending at Villa - how on earth would he cope at a club like United???

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