Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fergie and Wenger find common ground?...

With United and Arsenal set to lock horns later today in what could be a very important game in terms of who wins the title this season, the press have been running stories about Fergie and Wenger finding common ground in that both want to stop Jose Mourinho's Chelsea from lifting the Premiership trophy for the third time on the bounce.

Ferguson and Wenger have a professional respect for each others work, but beyond that there's no empathy at all. Ferguson likes to buddy up to other managers after the game and to share a bottle or red wine - it never happens with Wenger. It's actually a tradition that down the years has been shared by the players too, one doubts though that there's been many occasions when United's stars have enjoyed a pint or two with the Arsenal lads after games in recent times, such has been the depth of ill feeling towards each other on the pitch. Too much bad blood has been spilt and for all the talk of this new common ground in wanting to bring down Chelsea from their high horse, I doubt much will change today once the game kicks-off. By 6pm today I expect the rivalry will once again be bubbling over.

I'm just hoping United make it a very bad weekend for Jose Mourinho et al by taking all three points - if that happens at least Wenger can take some consolation about Chelsea being further behind in the title race, many others will share that common ground.

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