Friday, January 05, 2007

Bayern name price for Hargreaves and call United's bluff.. then as I'd predicted on this blog Bayern Munich have called United's bluff by slapping a £20m price tag on the head of Owen Hargreaves. This news should come as no surprise to anyone, especially given that United haven't stopped leaking / carping to the press about their interest in the England midfielder much to the annoyance of the Bavarian club.

The point is now that Bayern have named their price Manchester United are going to look rather foolish in the eyes of their fans if they don't come up with the money, so it's a definite case of put-up or shut-up. It will also come as no surprise if United do the latter and fail to meet Bayern's valuation - which by the way is quite fair. One hopes this deal goes through, because if it doesn't serious questions need asking about United's methods when trying to lure players away from their clubs.

From the outside looking in, it would appear that all United's carping has achieved is to upset the Germans and also guarantee a high price tag. Would it not have been better to have acted in a more diplomatic way by keeping the whole thing under wraps? At least then if they could not agree to the Germans valuation for the player, the club would be saved from being humiliated.

Don't rule out United getting trumped by a rival like Arsenal, Liverpool or even Chelsea who've made a habit of nabbing players who were thought to be destined to join the Reds.

As United are finding out again to their cost, talk is almost always not cheap.

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