Thursday, January 11, 2007

ANALYSIS: Beckham's loaded up the truck and is moving to LA...

Just like the Beverley Hillbillies did before them, Brand-Beckham is loading up the truck and is heading for LA to join Galaxy, 'swimming pools and movie-stars' doubting his new banker AKA Mr Drysdale will be well pleased when he opens his new bank account...

Beckham had the choice to stay on at Real Madrid but he chose not to, so how ironic it would be if the Spanish giants went to win a trophy soon after he left - they could of course still win something this season which would wrap things up nicely as it would mean his time in Madrid hasn't been trophyless. I guess that would be the perfect ending to the least successful spell in his glittering career. He won all of his medals while at Manchester United, it was there that Beckham made his name.

Although thus far his time in Spain has been mixed on the football front, he's actually done a damn sight better than many, me included, predicted he would. I thought he'd fail, big-time, but he didn't. Real have endured a catalogue of problems over the last few seasons, including too many managers and too much interference from the club president all of which coincided with a turn of fortune for arch rivals Barcelona. For all his problems on and off the pitch in Spain Beckham can hold his head up high regarding this mixed spell, he gave it his best shot and he is still a total professional.

AS for moving to Galaxy, it's a good move and as good as any in terms of timing. Beckham has nothing to prove back home because at Man United won the lot.

All decent fans will wish Beckham well on this new venture and if it helps the US public embrace the best team game in the world, then all well and good.

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