Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What on earth is going on at Man City?

Stuart Hall once described Manchester City as the 'Theatre of Comedy' this was in reference to Old Trafford which is has that sickly tag of the 'Theatre of Dreams'.
The latest goings at the Theatre of Comedy are unbelievable, even by City's own hapless standards.

City are managerless. They've sold two of their best players. The current owners are desperate to sell the club, so desperate that they are trying to offload it to someone who might yet face a jail sentence, I refer to Thaksin Shinawatra, wanted in Thailand on charges of corruption.

City fans will no doubt argue that they don't care who owns their club, as long as they invest their cash, no matter how it was acquired. It has long been argued that fans do not concern themselves with matters in the boardroom. This is all well and good, but the shambolic state of affairs at Eastlands is a direct result of failure at boardroom level. If the club was to be sold then it should have been sorted out long before the season closed.

And what of the recent talk that the current owners were going to appoint their own manager? Blues fans were also led to believe that the next manager would be an overseas coach, but then stories started appearing in the press claiming that in point of fact Mark Hughes had been the boards favourite all along.

Even by City's standards own standards, what has gone on recently takes some beating. The Eastlands comedy store is giving opposition fans much to chortle about.

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