Thursday, June 21, 2007

Man City bid: Will Thaksin Shinawatra pass the 'fit and proper person' test?

So then, at long last Thaksin Shinawatra has made his formal offer to buy Manchester City, this on the very morning that the former Thai Prime Minister and his wife have been officially charged with corruption in Thailand.

Given that the City board were fully aware of the likelyhood of corruption charges it is highly unlikely that this official confirmation of an impending court date will change anything.

I for one cannot see City turning down any half decent offer for the club, because it's been fairly self evident that the current board is desperate to sell the club. If as expected the bid is accepted, Shinawatra will then have to pass the the 'FAs 'fit and proper person' test.

Given the current charges levelled against the former Thai Prime Minister, no doubting some will be asking how on earth could the FA possibly give their blessing to the takeover? Worst case, Shinawatra could end up serving a custodial sentence, which would make the FA look even more ridiculous than they are, as the 'fit and proper person' test would be officially rendered useless - as if confirmation was needed.

I suspect that the FA will rush through any decision on the deal, because as this point in time Shinawatra hasn't been proven guilty of anything, so that will be the FA's 'get out of jail card'.

Nonetheless, by giving their blessing to Shinawatra at this stage and set against the backdrop of what is going on in Thailand, the FA stand to once again make themselves look like a laughing stock if Thaksin is proven guilty of corruption.

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