Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Liverpool the biggest threat to United next season?

June isn't over and already I'm sure many football fans are eagerly anticipating next season, especially United supporters with the prospect of the likes of Nani and Anderson to look forward to.

However, both have yet to complete their transfers to the Red Devils. I'm not exactly certain why there's been a delay in signing Nani, but as far as I know the Portuguese star has yet to officially sign on the dotted line, he passed his medical recently, but still he hasn't completed his transfer.

The Reds released a statement saying that once Nani had passed his medical and the formalities had been completed then a formal statement would be released, well we the fans are still waiting for that statement...

Anderson's transfer is currently caught up in red tape, as he will have to first be granted a work permit before he can sign, and on that note it was interesting to hear that Big Phil Scholari was metaphorically blowing his trumpet last week saying that the Brazilian could be one of Europe's best in two years time, praise indeed. (has someone from United worded the big man with a view to getting that work permit?)...

The Reds will also no doubt capture a top class striker, because they need one desperately and not forgetting Owen Hargreaves who will prove to be a great buy. On the face of it, from a United perspective, things are looking pretty good providing both Nani and Anderson actually complete their transfers along with the acquisition of a top quality forward.

So what of our rivals this coming season, who will be the champions biggest challengers? Chelsea will be there or thereabouts for sure, but I've not been at all impressed with the quality of any the blues captures thus far.

Is it just me that thinks that just maybe Roman Abramovich is testing Jose's metal? In Roman Abramovich's world, Mourinho is a mere pawn, like Chelsea themselves, he is a rich-mans play-thing and apart of a game. I guess you could say the same about all the big clubs who've been taken over recently, as we the fans like the players and managers are all in the lap of the collection of speculators who've been busily snapping up clubs as if they've been going out of fashion.

That said, I do expect Chelsea are going to make at least one more signing, if not THE capture of the summer by snapping up Feyenoord's brilliant young utility player Royston Drenthe, and at a bargain price. The Dutchman will prove to be a superb addition, if the deal goes ahead he will make a difference.

Liverpool as I've been saying for some time look like capturing long term target and Spanish scouse fan Fernando Torres, he will do well of that I'm sure. I wouldn't rule out the Merseyside Reds capturing Shaun Wright-Phillips too, though Chelsea will no doubt be keen to offload the little man to a second tier club like Newcastle. SWPs former club Man City want him back, but his old man Ian Wright has stated that deal is unlikely. If however, Liverpool do manage to capture Phillips then the Anfield club might be able to mount a serious title challenge for the first time in over a decade.

As far as Arsenal are concerned, they will miss Henry of course, but only a fool would write off the Gunners under Wenger, if anyone can replace 'va-va-voom' it is the current Arsenal manager.


  1. Ha ha. Liverpool are only interested in the Champions League as they proved last year. Too much dross in their squad, they'll be done by Christmas as usual. Gillett & Hicks just don't seem to want pony up the cash for a big time player like Eto. And Benitez has signed just as much rubbish as Houlier before him. He is already trying to offload players he signed last year like Bellamy and Gonzalez. He hasn't got a scooby -doo. But don't write off Mourinho - Chelsea will be in the mix as usual. At least United are going into the season stronger, not weaker.

  2. Liverpool's threat hinges on their ability to snap up Torres. And of course, he has got to work. Otherwise it will be another false dawn from Merseyside.

    Nice site you guys have here, btw.


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