Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beckham defies bitter media critics to steal the show for England..

Following England's 1-1 with Brazil last night at the New Wembley, no doubting our revisionist press boys will be thinking hard to find ways of saying 'Beckham should never have been dropped in the first place', which is the view held by many sensible football fans.

Our back-stabbing tabloid hack's were all too quick to write off Beckham, more or less to a man they waded in saying McClaren had made the 'right decision'. How very wrong they were.

Beckham has been England's most potent weapon from free-kicks for some time now, and no one else including Lampard and Gerrard delivers the ball with such accuracy, indeed if England had played Crouch from the start last night then they'd have scored before they did from yet another Beckham free-kick, and it came as no surprise when John Terry eventually broke the deadlock with a towering header, it was from another beautifully delivered Beckham dead ball kick.

Beckham rightly got a standing ovation as he left the field play. The funniest sight of the night was Terry Vegetables near choking as he appeard to be acknowledging that he too had got it all wrong about the former England captain.

The vast majority of our press don't actually understand football, because if they did they'd realise that the only problem England have is that they do not have an Alan Shearer or Didier Drogba, because if they did they'd be world beaters.

The hack's continually run up blind alleys telling us all that the manager has it all wrong, first it was get rid of Sven, then Beckham and now McClaren. It would make no difference if Wenger, Fergie or Mourinho was managing England the same problems would persist, no striker, and eventually the same clueless hack's would go after them. When will they ever learn?

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  1. Question. What do you consider Wayne Rooney to be? Is it possible that he will develop into the striker England needs. He is still very, very young.


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