Monday, June 04, 2007

Attack on Scouse fans is a UEFA smokescreen...

My thoughts and opinions on scouse football fans are that they are as bad, if not worse than any other English club. However, for the top brass of UEFA claiming that Liverpool fans are the worst behaved in Europe is not only an obvious smokescreen to deflect the incredible shortcomings and incompetence of his own organisation, it's an absolute disgrace.

I'm not for one minute attempting to condone the Liverpool fans that entered the stadium with forged tickets (or indeed without them), surely if one set of supporters know fully the implications of such actions, it's Liverpool.

UEFA has to ask itself, why weren't such scenes evident at the new Wembley for the FA Cup Final? There were thousands of United (and probably Chelsea) fans outside with forged or no tickets - they never got through the turnstiles.

To compare liverpool fans with the body armour wearing, knife and machete wielding Roma fans or the fans from any of the clubs from Istanbul just proves that the powers that be, have an Ostrich like mentality when it comes to English football fans.

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