Friday, July 22, 2011

United guilty of over-egging 19th league's very uncool you know...

I'm sure that I won't be the only Manchester United supporter who is slightly embarrassed by United who seem hell bent on plastering 19 over just about every marketing asset.

It's one thing for supporters to walk the streets with jibes on t-shirts trumpeting the team's achievements and at the same time poking fun at the likes of Citeh and Liverpool, but it's quite another when United's marketing men follow Citeh's recent cringeworthy antics.

Like a neglected child, City infamously posted those giant bill-boards around Manchester when Carlos Tevez defected with the message "Welcome to Manchester". They also came up with the slogan "This is our City", again another silly reference by our 'noisy neighbours'. City are totally classless and so are too many of their supporters, like those who were caught en masse singing songs about Munich at Blackburn at the end of the season (On this note, has anyone been banned by City for singing about the disaster as promised?...).

You can, to a point, forgive numpty fans, because that is what they are, numpties, but when your club's marketing men bring you down to the same level, we are all effectively tarred with the same brush.

By going on and on about 19, it's as if we've had a huge chip on our collective shoulders. It's a bit like City fans who for all those years dreamt about the day when we took down that banner in the Stretford End (and by the way, that was different, unlike those giant bill-boards it was subtle; a seemingly oblique reference that would have required explanation to the uneducated).

In many ways, though we don't like admitting this, United and Liverpool fans have many things in common: for starters, both sets of supporters follow football clubs that are world-wide institutions. The same cannot be said of City and Everton. No matter what happens in the next decade City and Everton will always be regarded as lesser club's when compared to their more famous neighbours.

It's well documented that Liverpool and United do not get along, but we tolerate each other and our respective achievements; supporters of these clubs do not have to resort to desperate lies when trying to score points.

City fans are known as 'the liars' and for good reason. They will tell you that there's barely any United fans in Manchester. After decades of living in the shadows of United, this retched bunch of serial losers have been bailed out by Arabian wealth, they have won the lottery. Good luck to them.

In contrast to City fans, when United had to endure Liverpool pretty much winning everything in sight in the 80s and 90's, as a group of fans we didn't like it, but we had to live it and through gritted teeth, but we didn't become sad and bitter liars.

So United fans (at least older time-served fans like moi) like to think we stand on higher moral ground than our bitter 'friends'. While pointing the finger at City and their followers, and with every justification, we have to acknowledge our own shortcomings.

We don't like what United our club has become; we don't like the cringeworthy references to the "Theatre of Dreams"; we didn't like it when the words "Football Club" were removed from the club crest; we don't like the "Mega store" and its tat; we don't like being told what to do; we don't like being taken for granted; we hate being ripped off; we despise the Glazers'; and finally we'd like the choice of standing or sitting at our football grounds. (This list is probably much longer.. but for time's sake..)

United have a big problem when it comes to their ability to market themselves, as more or less everything they do is more rank bad as opposed to cool.

For cools sake, please tone it down a bit United. Some of us still have a bit of class.

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