Thursday, July 21, 2011

Manchester City set to grab Sneijder in Tevez swap deal?

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Reports emanating from Italy are claiming want-away Carlos Tevez has today held meetings with Marco Branca of Inter Milan about a summer move to the San Siro.

City slapped a £50m valuation on the player who scored the most goals in the Premier League over the last two seasons. Tevez was close to moving to Corinthians, however, that move broke down as time ran out with the Brazilian transfer slamming shut before a deal could be concluded.

News of the Tevez's move to Inter has sparked rumours of a swap deal that would see Manchester United's number one summer transfer target Wesley Sneijder moving in the opposite direction. If Sneijder does move to Man City it will be a serious blow for United and Sir Alex Ferguson.


  1. There getting to be more of thorn in our side,
    Why are they trying to buy players we want? cant they think of players on there own?

    we will show them in the charity shield who is best, they are rubbish

  2. Can Nited let us know what other players you are considering please, just so we can start bidding. Also, thanks for not letting us know about the three you've already signed, we're only after real quality thanks!

  3. We're not rubbish mate. That is a very daft united comment.

    Why is it united fans don't follow football they just follow united.

    It might help you to undertsand football a bit better before you start making stupid comments like that.

    And Sneijder is one of the world's best players. We'd be stupid to not show an interest in him when Tevez wants out. You're not the only club that would want him. That's well arrogant.

  4. get used to it, we not realy here heheheh

    steinar from china

  5. apart that Sneijder is a world class and everyone would want him, all the time that United set sight on a player the day after you hear that City are after him too. Can you buy a player which isnt wanted by United?

  6. We all knew Nited were after Tom Jones, our Ashley and some Spanish kid, but we didn't bid for those three? Maybe we're only after World class eh...

  7. this 'story' was denied yesterday....makes sense u lot bleat on about 'history' all day long...yawn

  8. Sneijder wont move to City u nobs...he only wants United(fact) and you can throw all the camels and gold you like at him, he's no egotistical circus performer, he's actually won something other than that cup competition we decided not to enter in 2000, so he knows what it's like to win real honours and he knows he will only win them at M16...Tevez is in talks with Inter, but its for a straight cash deal, involving the proceeds of Sneijders sale to United

  9. I hope you have the balls to reveal your real name if this goes wrong and Sneijder joins Citeh..

  10. Latest:

    Manchester City have ruled out a possible swap deal between Carlos Tevez and Inter Milan star Wesley Sneijder.

    Sources close to Eastlands have told talkSPORT manager Roberto Mancini has no interest in signing the Dutchman, either with or without Tevez moving in the opposite direction.

    The deal to take Tevez back to Corinthians collapsed on Wednesday morning, with the Brazilian club claiming the deal with far too big to be concluded before Wednesday night's transfer deadline.

    Questions remain whether Mancini will still bid for Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero. The Spanish side have recruited Deportivo La Coruna hitman Adrian Lopez to take the Argentines place.

    Sneijder, meanwhile, still has his heart set on a move to Manchester United with work still going on behind the scenes to conclude the deal, despite Sir Alex Ferguson claiming the Red Devils have “no real interest” in the Inter Milan star.

  11. Don't believe everything you read in the media. Fergie said United weren't interested in Sneijder about a week ago, then contradicted himself by saying "I haven't done anything on this since we came over here" - here being the US.

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