Saturday, July 30, 2011

United could live to regret Sneijder brinkmanship with Mancini hovering in the wings...

David Gill has confirmed that there's nothing new to report in relation to Manchester United's interest in signing Wesley Sneijder. United's CEO used the word "dead" in response to questions from the media about the Inter Milan star ahead of tonight's final US tour fixture with Barcelona.

The transfer merry-go-round looks set to continue until the end of August, but United fans will no doubt  be beginning to wonder if the club is going to once again miss out on signing Wesley Sneijder.

Cesc Fabregas looks set to return to Barcelona, and this transfer could have dire implications for the champions, because, with Fabregas moving back to his boyhood club, it will undoubtedly stiffen Arsene Wenger's resolve to hang on to Samir Nasri. Arsenal's French midfield star is thought to be on Roberto Mancini's radar. However, with Wenger playing hardball over Nasri, Mancini might well have decided to pursue Wesley Sneijder, given the player is said to be available for transfer.

Manchester City take on Inter Milan over the weekend in Dublin and it has been reported that the two clubs are set to open negotiations over a mooted swap deal that would see Tevez and Samuel Eto'o moving in opposite directions.

Following the addition of Aguero, and perhaps worryingly for those hoping Sneijder will join United, Mancini has today confirmed that he wants to sign a midfielder plus a winger; the identity of the midfield player is thought to be Nasri, but with Wenger so determined not to lose both of his creative midfield players, the City manager may well have shifted his focus onto Inter's Dutch maestro.

For very obvious reasons, managers will not divulge their transfer plans to the media and while Mancini has confirmed that he is in the market to sign a midfielder and a winger, if Tevez moves on to Inter Milan, as expected, the City boss could be looking to also add a new striker and of course that man could well be Samuel Eto'o.

United fans will be well aware that the sticking point as far as Sneijder is concerned is money; if we are to believe the transfer rumour-mill, United are not willing to match Inter Milan's valuation and then there's a problem in relation to the Sneijder's salary expectations. Money would not be an issue for money-bags Man City and so it remains to be seen if United will live to regret failing to make a decisive move when the door to this particular transfer has been open for a while.

If Manchester City do not make their move for Sneijder, then all hope will rest on David Gill's risky game of brinkmanship. Let us hope it doesn't end in tears.


  1. SAF knows best, but Gill is in charge of signing the players and the thieving Glazers hold the purse strings, so not hopeful. Reading an article on Pastore today, he seems less stuck-up than Sneijder so he might be a better buy.

  2. As you say, SAF knows best, but his hands are tied. Mind you, Fergie missed a big opportunity 3 years ago to sign Sneijder for just £12m instead Jose nipped in and signed one of the bargains of the decade.

  3. Wesley Sneijder is an amazing soccer player , he has played with some of the best soccer teams in the world.since he was in retrogrados times he is the best of the best


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