Monday, September 29, 2008

Why is the BBC so biased against Manchester United?

With the very real danger of adding to the debate, I have to say that I'm sick and tired about hearing about Rob Styles gifting United a penalty on Saturday against Bolton. Referees' make mistakes, get over it.

I don't know if it's just me, but the BBC in particular seems to be snided out with ABUs these days and there's definitely too many Liverpool fans in the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard a BBC reporter make reference to "Stevie G", which might well be music to the ears of Scouse lovers, but to the rest of us this term of endearment is vomit inducing.

The BBC et al never has a debate when United are not given penalties, as is often the case. There was no media spotlight on Martin Atkinson who didn't see Jose Bosingwa's blatant and clear handball before he scored against Stoke City at the weekend, which was every bit as poor as Rob Styles decision to give United that dubious penalty.

I heard a BBC reporter over the weekend saying that we will have to wait until this week to find out which match Styles will take charge of next weekend. Yet, again there's no debate on Martin Atkinson's next appointment...

Radio 5 live is probably the worst offender for ABUism, closely followed by the BBC sport website and MOTD (Lineker).

I for one will be quite happy to see SKY taking all of the BBCs sport away from them, they do a more professional job and their reporters remain largely impartial (but, please shut up that **** Redknapp). It's a pity I cannot say the same for the joke that is Talksport, otherwise we could get rid of the BBC completely and save us all the license fee - just think, no more Bruce ******* Forsyth...and Eastenders...


  1. How about that f****** Andy Gray on anti-United. We won the Champions League last season and Chelsea got all the credits. As if we are a Championship side. What about his fu****8 Everton side he used to play for. Not a word. You muppet. Just HATE ANDY GRAY SO MUCH. HE WAS GOING ON AND ON ABOUT THAT REF against Chelsea that he always award us penalties. What happened. 7 of our players got booked. AND What about against Liverpool when we did not even get 1 penalty out of two blatant claims.

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