Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Berbatov : "Bring on the Scousers" Fergie enhances his legend status...

The ink has barely had time to dry on Dimitar Berbatov's signature following his dramatic deadline day transfer to the Champions, yet already he's talking like a veteran United player relishing the battle with our biggest rivals Liverpool, which just happens to be the Reds next fixture.

Berbatov has also made it clear that he's not come to Old Trafford for money alone; he says he could have signed for City or Chelsea if that was the case. Thank god that he chose not to do so given the potentially cataclysmic events at Eastlands this week.

The very fact that Berbatov is a United player is down to the Reds cunning plan which unfolded dramatically on deadline day. Spurs wanted to sell Berbatov to City after their £32m bid was accepted for the Bulgarian, the only problem was they couldn't because Fergie himself had gate-crashed the Blues welcoming committee at Manchester Airport and then promptly personally driven him to Carrington.

All the while Spurs were frantically trying to locate their prized asset. Once Sky Sports TV pictures confirmed that the player was indeed being shown around Old Trafford, the North London club threatened the Champions with legal action following the potential loss of a £32m transfer fee from City.

As the night unfolded it became clear that United's plan centred on not allowing Berbatov out of their clutches, though he was a willing hostage to fortune and as the clock counted down towards midnight Spurs were forced into a corner, it was deal with United or no deal.

It turned out to be a costly exercise for the Champions given they had to match City's offer and trump it by giving Spurs Frazier Campbell for a season long loan, in doing so losing out on the £7m Hull had offered for Campbell.

Unconfirmed Reports have even suggested that Fergie had to order Campbell to join the North London club and Reds fans will have a degree of sympathy for the United youngster given that he has largely been ignored in all of this. Football is a strange game at times and sometimes things fall in place unexpectedly - take the events at Eastlands as a classic example of that - if Campbell does well and develops then maybe he will come back to United. Goals come at a premium and therefore there will be plenty of clubs like Hull who will be willing to take a chance on a rising star like Campbell.

United fans are still coming to terms with what happened on the final day of the transfer window, the supporters and myself included have at times questioned Fergie's wisdom, but his legend status was further enhanced after he personally took charge of events on deadline day in doing so foiling City's attempt to spoil the party.

The story of Fergie's role in the Berbatov transfer will be retold a million times, some fans might not be a 100% sure about the Bulgarian, but the determination of the United manager to get what he wanted should be recognised, he went for it and he wasn't going to be out manoeuvred by the late intervention of our bitter rivals from the across the city. Long live Fergie.

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