Monday, September 15, 2008

Dubai Royal family looking to buy United and not Liverpool?

According to reports over the weekend the Dubai Royal family could be about to ditch their attempts to buy rivals Liverpool and instead buy Manchester United. At this moment in time there is absolutely no hard evidence to support the rumours which first surfaced in the Emirates. One theory being touted is that the Arabs have become sick and tired of Liverpool's owners bickering and dithering.

The name of strife torn Newcastle United is also being bandied around with fresh rumours claiming that the club could be sold to the Dubai Royal family among others.

Out of the three clubs mentioned, the Geordies would be the cheapest option if it came down to just buying a "Premier League club". As we saw with the acquisition of Manchester City, they were bought recently to promote the greater good of Abu Dhabi. So Newcastle cannot be ruled out as potential target for investors and of course they are officially up for sale.

Then we come to Liverpool, unlike City and Newcastle the club has prestige and a rich history. Up and until the end of August this year few had even heard of Manchester City in the Emeriates, which is in marked contrast to both Liverpool and the most expensive option of all Manchester United.

Liverpool's debts are believed to be around £350m, United's are much, much, higher, they are in fact double that of our fierce North West rivals. The question is, how much do the Arabs want either club and what will the current owners want in return?

We cannot answer those questions, but one thing is for certain neither the Glazers of Gillett or Hicks could afford to buy United and Liverpool, not without loading huge debts onto both clubs.

I for one seriously hope that talk of the Dubai Royal family buying United is true and that it happens. Reason being, the cost of United's match-day tickets are going through the roof, this is because the Glazers are sweating their investment for all it's worth in a bid to keep United afloat. Sooner or later the financial wheels will fall off at Old Trafford - better to sell to someone who CAN afford to buy the club with their own money rather than see United go the same way as Leeds United a few years ago. Yes, United have won trophies under the Glazers ownership, but it has come at a huge price.

My gut feeling is that Dubai Royal family will end up buying Liverpool because they are a long term target. I fear this latest rumour linking in the Red Devils has been leaked to give the Liverpool deal more momentum.

Update: The DIC investment group have today officially ruled out buying Liverpool and or any other Premier League club including Newcastle - this announcement doesn't actually change anything as we were already were aware that DIC had cooled their interest in acquiring Liverpool, the Dubai Royal family could still yet buy a top English club.

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  1. There is no real room for growth at Manu, they have their stadium, they are as big as they are likely to get. I think in this case, investors are looking for a "do-a-upper", which is Liverpool, new kitchen and bathroom and decoration throughout. Newcastle however, need structural work and planning permission from the local council, and so they'd need to be bought cheep at an auction by an established contractor.

  2. I sort of agree in many ways, but a lot would depend on exactly why the Arabs want to own a club in the first place. If they want to spread the word about Dubai, then United is the biggest and best bet of the lot...

    Meanwhile, potentially more bad news for the Glazers and United because AIG's share price has this morning dropped by 50%. You do wonder if that sponsorship deal was ring-fenced....


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