Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transfer poll: Joey Barton to replace Scholes? Fans to boycott the club if any deal goes ahead?

Manchester United fans desperate for a positive update on the latest on the proposed transfer of Wesley Sneijder to the champions awoke to news that will have shocked many to the core, because according to the Sunday Times, Ferguson could be ready to turn to Joey Barton to help solve his midfield problems.

If the response on Twitter to this latest nasty piece of transfer speculation is any meaningful barometer, then United could be risking a potential backlash from supporters in the form of a boycott of the club. At this moment in time, it is only a rumour and it is hoped that the manager swiftly denies the claims of the Times.

United fans will be hoping rumours of Fergie's reported interest in Barton is some kind of sick joke, especially with moneybags Manchester City signing top quality players for fun. Barton is of course a City reject, as their supporters will no doubt be keen to remind us, if any deal is eventually brokered.

However, supporters cannot rule out Barton moving to Manchester United this summer, because it's a well known fact that David Gill is given a list of transfer targets by the manager and it's then up to the CEO to work down that list from top to bottom. At this moment in time, and for very different reasons, it is beginning to look like United have been unable to sign Sneijder and Modric - it's a given that both names will have figured prominently on the manager's shopping list; so the question is, who else has Ferguson targeted? And have we now reached the very bottom of the list?

Joey Barton has baggage and lot's of it, but more importantly, if this is Ferguson's answer to replacing Paul Scholes then it will only serve to underline his desperation. Barton doesn't have the guile or indeed the football brain; his name should not even feature in conversations about replacing Scholes, therefore it is damning if his name is on the manager's shopping list.

The summer transfer window has so far been something a mixed bag as far as Manchester United are concerned. Fergie has taken a huge gamble on a young goalkeeper, with the acquisition of David de Gea, and for a club record for a 'keeper.

There was absolutely no need to sign Ashley Young - at least there wasn't unless Nani was going to join Inter Milan in a swap deal that would have seen Sneijder moving in the opposite direction and the deal could yet still be done.

The addition of Phil Jones is the only sure fire hit so far this summer and the news that Fergie could be eyeing Joey Barton will leave many to conclude that this summer has been a major missed opportunity; at least it will be if United do not sign a world class midfield star like Wesley Sneijder.

We have created a poll (located in the right-hand sidebar) asking if United should sign Joey Barton. Please take the time to contribute in our poll as well as adding your comments. The poll closes 31st August.

In other news, United are currently in action on what is largely another summer promotional tour of the US. The quality of the MLS opposition, hasn't so far tested the champions to the full, with comfortable wins against New England Revolution and Seattle Sounders. The latest win came against Chicago Fire, next up United take on the MLS All Stars, before facing their nemesis Barcelona...

The club have offered Ji-Sung Park a new deal.


  1. Nothing wrong with him. Good skills, aggressive and see a pass. Just what we need.

  2. We do not want Barton under any circumstances.

  3. Clearly, the results of our poll (even allowing for poll-jacking) indicate that there is strong opposition against signing Barton. At least 60% are totally opposed to signing the Newcastle player, and of that number 10% would turn their backs on the club. The message is clear: The fans do not want Barton.

  4. In the words of Barton himself, "Thanks but no thanks".

  5. Barton would surely run over broken glass to play for United so I for one don't believe him.

  6. Speaking as an NUFC fan I think it would be an absolute disaster if you signed him, and have voted accordingly.

  7. Good to see Newcastle fans agree!

  8. Sadly, we have had to close our poll because Newcastle United fans have been voting for United to sign Barton! It just goes to show how much their own fans want rid.

  9. Shame to close the poll James. You could get a lot of support from NUFC fans on this one.

  10. Well, I'm afraid, the counter was going in the wrong direction as far I'm concerned and there's a lot of traffic coming from

    So the question to you Geordies is why do you want rid? This looks like a cut and dried case of trying to hi-jack our poll.

  11. I'd just like to add nearly all of this evenings traffic is coming from Newcastle related it's not as if we are getting votes from the ones who matter ie United fans.

  12. We are United fans, and thanks for saying we matter.

    I'm not sure whether to take your question seriously in your 21:35 post. But I think you've probably rumbled us. The whole point of my first post at 20:57 is that we don't want rid.

    You can have Enrique. We don't want to lose him either, but he's either going or staying grudgingly, and I know which outcome I'd prefer of those two. The only person who seems to want Barton to go is Ashley.

    Good luck for next season. You might not be everybody's second favourite team (and nor are we any more), but at least your success hasn't been bankrolled like the other two.

  13. OK, let's start at the beginning. This blog post was composed in the hope of gauging the strength of feeling of Man United fans about the possibility of signing Joey Barton. While we don't mind Newcastle fans contributing with comments, we really didn't want the poll to reflect the views of NU fans who seemingly want to keep Barton. So the only votes that really matter are those of Man United fans; I hope you appreciate that point and thanks for wishing us the best for next season.

    I think every genuine football fan sympathises with NU problems with Mike Ashley at the helm.

  14. I agree with the other Newcastle fan above me.

    James Ryddel, you'll be getting a lot of traffic from nufc blog as someone posted this URL up in amusement. Suggestion of a boycott is absurd. He's a fine player and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Fully committed to his club, but unfortunately his fate is out of the fans hands.

    I'm sure I speak for the majority of NUFC supporters when I say I'd be gutted if he left.

    ...can your fans start boycotting now please? Then hopefully any potential move may not happen.

    Good luck for the coming season anyway.

  15. Well, if you look at the votes (even before you lot tried to rig our poll) 10% of those who voted said they'd walk if Barton signed. All told over 60% of those who voted really don't want Barton at our club. We don't normally have polls on such issues because quite obviously, Fergie is doing a good job, but Barton is an exception and we simply do not want to see him pulling on a United shirt under any hopefully, Newcastle fans will get their collective wish and he will stay with you.

  16. riddel your a crank

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