Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneijder to United: Fergie's contradiction and do the bookies know something that we don't know?

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The rumour mill is running at full tilt as talk of what will hopefully turn out to be the biggest transfer of the summer rumbles on with the continuing saga of will or won't Wesley Sneijder join Manchester United? It is by far the biggest story of the summer - at least it is as far as United fans are concerned. But will it happen?

Last week, bless them, the BBC ran a story claiming that United were never in for Sneijder and then Fergie himself did his level best to convince us all that the champions have never been interested in the Inter Milan star.

The media attention predictably focused on Fergie's attempts to appear to distance the club from the Sneijder story, however, according the MEN reporter James Robson, this is what Fergie actually said: "There is nothing I can tell you about it. I have not really been involved in it since I came across here." which totally contradicted the manager's reported comments about Sneijder. This nugget of information was not reported by the vast majority of news networks and blogs, but it didn't go unnoticed by this United blog.

So what is the very latest news on the future of Wesley Sneijder? Well, a quick trawl through Twitter this morning revealed nothing but a tireseome jaunt down a few blind alleys; several Tweets claimed that Sneijder had appeared to bid farewell to the Inter Milan fans with a lap of honour at the conclusion of a friendly - this turned out to be a complete fabrication. Several more Tweets claimed the bookies had stopped taking bets on Sneijder joining United; while this is not strictly true, Sky Bet have dramatically shortened their odds on this they know something that we don't know?

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  2. Spurs did it with Modric and then he handed in a transfer request in a very public way. So the moral of the story is do not believe everything the club tells you (or the media)...

  3. LOL with all this saga related to him.But i still think that Sir Alex might snatch this deal,probably at the last day of the window,who knows actually??Remember Berbatov in the 08-09 season he was signed at the very last and yes looking at the way rumours are coming maybe it might happen.....anyways i don't think it will happen in July will happen in August when the season begins,thats for sure

  4. Yes, this deal could go down to the wire, but with United appearing to dither over money there must be a serious danger that either City or Chelsea will get Sneijder - that must be a serious danger.

    United need to be more decisive and when the manager says he wants someone the money men have to move heaven and earth to make it happen and quickly.

  5. I don't think he will come to England. He's on £100k a week more than Rooney, and Man City don't seem to be interested in him.

    Unfortunately, we just can't compete with City in the transfer market. Our debt is less than US$1bn, and manageable, but City's owners have a thousand billion dollars. Its like being owned by 60 educated, patient Abromavic's.

    The sickener is that its our fault that City have a rich, benevolent muslim owner. We allowed ourselves to be bought by a US-based Jewish family who are extracting money to pay their debts. Citeh's owners are doing good deeds, pumping money into Manchester,and bailing out Barclays when the government couldn't afford to.

    I can't help but think that City are making Utd seem worse than we really are. We are coming over in the press as a failing empire full of debauched, super-injunction-getting sleazebags who mob the ref when a decision goes against us. We all know that its not like that, but the bitters are coming over as the exciting, up-and-coming team.

    I hope, against the odds, that we can afford Sneijder, do the double over them, and humiliate them in the FA cup. They can dish it out, but can they take it?

  6. I'd honestly rather get Ganso from Santos he's got alot of potential and can pass like sneijder.

  7. I would not like any oil rich state to purchase Manchester United.

    I wouldn't like Manchester United to have a benefactor like Chelsea have in Roman Abramovich.

    I think we're doing just fine,


  8. i agree with the coment above ganso would be a much better signing as he is 21 possibly much cheaper

  9. United will prevail over city. Dont know much about ganso. Wonder if Fergie is up to speed on him?

  10. its maybe actually true that HE has nothing to do with the deal...but Gill does ;)

  11. Dammit.

    Inter are offering to swap Sneijder with Shitty for Tevez. Corinthians can't get the cash together,and apparently Milan is his preferred destination anyway.

    Failing to buy Tevez could bite us twice. SAF said that Tevez doesn't score enough goals, but he's been the premiership's highest scorer over the 2 seasons since we let him go.

    Hopefully, Sneijder will see sense and refuse to go to the bitters.

    I would certainly take that arab oil money. If we try to play that "dignity of poverty" card, it just won't wash. We've financially bullied smaller clubs for a decade.

    In fact, I would prefer to be owned by somebody with £1 in the bank than by the Glazers. We're a big, money-generating team. If we didn't have to pay for a load of failing american shopping malls, we'd be able to punch our weight in the transfer market.

  12. Now the News of the World has gone, I think our players will stop getting this negative press everytime they take it out of their pants.

    The club organise plenty of girls for them. If they just stayed "in house" like they used to, they wouldn't get these kiss and tell stories. Beckham only got in trouble for it when he went abroad.

    We've all heard the stories here in Manchester, god knows how the club have managed to keep it out of the press.

    I'm sure the bitters players must be just as bad with the prossies. They're all pig-ugly.

  13. Fergie needs to get a grip on transfers. We kept hearing "there's money to spend, but no value in the market".

    It feels like every time we drop the ball, City pick it up. Everytime someone at the club makes a bad decision, someone at city has a great idea.

    We need to stop fucking up all the time. Its like death by a thousand cuts. We keep putting a brave face on it, but our noisy neighbours are bending us over and doing us dry. The only consolations are that we romped the premireship again, and because they are City, they are bound to fuck up in spectacular style eventually.

    Am I the only one pissed off? Having the 34 year sign crammed down our throats at wembley really hurt me. We should put the sign back up, starting at "0", rather than hide it like some embarrassment. It makes us look like bad sports.

    It will soon be back in double figures again when their expensive new signings fail to gel.

  14. Sneijder has said he wants to join United and would be the perfect addition to the squad in my view. The Mighty Reds are looking strong and playing well at the mo but its a long season and adding his experience can only make United stronger. Im sorry but Micheal Carrick just is not good enough.

  15. Scott I couldn't agree more with your comments. I don't rate Carrick and I suspect Fergie would get rid if the right scenario unfolded: i.e Sneijder came to United.


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