Thursday, April 29, 2010

IF Liverpool roll over Fergie and United cannot complain too much...

The stage is set: Will it be United or Chelsea who goes on to win the Premier League title? Fact of the matter is, neither have been brilliant this season, having lost so many games between both clubs. But of course there has to be a winner. The outcome will more than likely be decided this coming weekend when Chelsea travel to Anfield and later on Sunday United face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

The pressure should be on Liverpool to produce a performance; in purely sporting terms that is what should happen, no matter what is at stake. The problem is, there's no real incentive for the Liverpool players; if they win or even draw, it will in all probability mean they've handed the title to United - what sane Scouser would want that to happen?

United face Sunderland and of course that is by no means an easy looking fixture, especially without Rooney.

Whatever happens this weekend Fergie cannot complain because in May 2007 he fielded a weakend side against West Ham United at the end of the season. Tevez scored the winning goal for the Hammers at Old Trafford in the last home game of the season, one that relegated Sheffield United. It was a shameful act on Fergie's part.

It goes without saying, for once I shall be hoping Liverpool take at least a point from the Chelsea game. No matter what the Liverpool players feel about his fixture, once the game kicks-off and the crowd start screaming it is to be hoped players' like Kuyt and Benayoun get caught up in the occasion.


  1. I think for the pride of the Club,Liverpool will want to win the game game and hope that Bent produces some upsets.

  2. Plus they have something to play for


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