Friday, April 30, 2010

Forlan the "Scouse buster" strikes again, but could the result work against United?...

There's nothing funnier than seeing your biggest rival being knocked out of Europe, especially when it's a former United player who scores the vital goal.

Unfortunately, I didn't bother tuning in to watch Liverpool vs Athletico Madrid at Anfield last night, however, during the first-half I had to nip out to the shops; I put the key into the ignition, the car radio flickered on just as the Radio Five Live commentator was screaming "...and Liverpool have scored...", but in that spit second between the engine firing the radio went off and then on again just as the presenter said "...but it has been disallowed!!!". The wonder of live sport on radio - it doesn't get much better than that, but of course it did as Diego Forlan went on to score (again) against Liverpool. Oh, how the scousers must really hate Forlan.

For anyone who missed the goal, here it is:

On a slightly more worrying note, you do wonder how last night's result will affect Liverpool, because we really want them to play well against Chelsea this weekend. You also wonder if this weekend's clash with Chelsea will be Rafa's last home game in charge and if it is, then surely the home fans and players alike won't want to lose it, even if it means effectively handing the title to United....Dream on!

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