Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Fergie cracking up over big spending City?....

For the second time in recent weeks Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken to the media about big spending neighbours Manchester City. Just a week or so ago the United manager said that City will not be rivals in next season's battle for honours, his latest attack was launched on United's tour of the Far East, on this occasion he took time out to proclaim that City are a small club and that players are only signing for the Citizens because of the huge wages on offer.

Fergie also claims that Emanuel Adebayor wanted to sign for United at the last minute; this was after the former Arsenal striker had agreed in principle to join City.

The champions are still smarting following the Tevez defection to City, the United manager was asked about City's "Welcome to Manchester billboard" which features an image of the Argentine. The billboard is clearly a dig at Fergie and United and it has provoked a reaction from the Scot who says "It's City isn't it? They're a small club with a small mentality. All they can talk about is Manchester United; they can't get away from it," he said.

"They think taking Carlos Tevez away from Manchester United is a triumph. It is poor stuff."

Whatever Fergie says about City being a small club, it is becoming increasingly clear that some players are putting big wages before the genuine pursuit of honours, at least in the short-term at least anyway. This scenario was always going to happen and whether or not City go on to actually win a trophy (for the first time in well over thirty years) will depend a great deal on the management of Mark Hughes, money alone does not always buy success.

For many City fans, the definition of a successful season is judged not on how many trophies the club has won, but on how many points they've won in the Manchester derby. United fans have labelled City as the "bitter Blues", which is totally understandable given the bile directed towards United.

It is also true to say for many City fans their devotion to their club is matched by their bitter hatred of United, so much so that some of them spend their time telling anyone who'd listen that the champions are not even a Manchester club and that there's barely any United supporters in Manchester - it doesn't get much more ridiculous than that.

On hearing the news that Tevez had signed for City recently, Sky Sports interviewed a group of City fans and one said "it's about time we were on top"...such is the mindset of your average City fan, perhaps someone should have told him it was still pre-season.

However, some United fans will no doubt be questioning Fergie's decision to reveal that Adebayor wanted to sign for the club, only for him to follow the lead of Tevez because this information only serves to confirm that the champions are losing out to our neighbours where new signings are concerned, it doesn't really matter that money is talking, it is happening and United will have to live with the consequences.

City fans might well respond to Fergie's recent jibes by claiming the United manager only ever talks about their club these days, and in fairness if they did they'd have a point.

Rafa Benitez spent too much time ranting about United last season, yet before a ball has been kicked in anger Fergie has aimed two low blows at rivals City. Is Fergie cracking up? The pre-season signs do not look good with United losing out on all major transfer targets and the manager spending too much time talking about why players aren't signing for the club.

There was further evidence of alarm bells ringing within Old Trafford over the weekend when the Glazers' under employed spin doctors took the unusual step of claiming that there's money to spend if the manager can identify the right targets. Talk is cheap and it remains to be seen what will happen in what is likely to be an intriguing season following what can only be described as a disastrous summer transfer window so far for Fergie.

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