Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blanc "surprised" at Reds' interest in Obertan ....

United fans will be somewhat concerned to learn the Lauren Blanc says he was "surprised" to learn that Fergie wants to sign French winger Gabriel Obertan. The Bordeaux manager sent the 20-year-old out on loan to Lorient last season following a reported row with his manager after falling out of favour. Ability, or lack of it, doesn't appear to be the problem, but the player seemingly has issues. Blanc is of course a former United player he knows the club, he also knows what lies in-store having trodden the same path back in 2001, but worryingly the Bordeaux boss says Obertan will have to over-come psychological and mental ­challenges.

It is most unusual for a manager of a selling club to talk so openly about a player he could be about to lose. It is also unusual for Fergie not to look into the character of any would be new signing before making any offer. We the fans are left to assume the United manager and his backroom team are confident that they can help the player settle in quickly, because it sounds like it's going to be a difficult transition if Blanc's concerns are valid and there's no reason to doubt his words of caution.

Blanc stopped short of calling the player a basket-case, but his words are no ringing endorsement for sure, one thing is for certain United is a great club for nurturing and improving raw talent as Beckham and Ronaldo will surely testify. If Obertan embraces his new challenge and blossoms then the world could lie at his feet, let's hope the player goes on to prove his doubters wrong, but first he has to become a United player...

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  1. Have to say iv found those comments from Blanc and their president a bit strange. Almost as though they are delighted to see the back of him. I don't think it has anything to do with his ability though. I remember when arsenal signed Van Persie from Feyenoord similar comments where coming from their manager as well.

  2. Tony,

    It is very unusual, all players want to play so carping on the sidelines isn't uncommon, but for the manager to publicly speak out is odd. Interesting times ahead me thinks. I just hope he can live up to expectations.


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