Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scousers' throw down title gauntlet: United record to end?

Well, well, well, who would have believed it; 2-1 down with just ten minutes to go and Liverpool come back to win 2-3 at Portsmouth. It was great result for the Mickeys' and the result ensures that the nation continues to be gripped by the title race, so yes, in a way, it was good for the Premier League too - especially with Chelsea dropping two points to Hull City at home at Stamford Bridge; "taxi for Scolari", anyone?

Liverpool have been very good on their travels thus far; it's been their home form which has let them down, so winning away at Pompey would have been expected, at least it would have been prior to the loss of Gerrard, but the very fact that they conceded two goals against a club who are just two points off bottom place suggests that the Merseyside Reds are indeed wobbling under pressure.

A couple of days ago I predicted that Liverpool could be edged out of the top four, that prediction is starting to look a bit dodgy with Chelsea faltering badly; whatever happens to Chelsea and Liverpool I remain convinced that Arsenal will finish the season in the top four and it's good to see Aston Villa continuing to make an impression in the leading group.

For their part, United fans will have been slightly gutted on hearing about developments at Fratton Park, but let's be fair the Champions have had their share of late wins this season.

The Red Devils travel to Upton Park later today and Fergie will be keen to avoid defeat, which hasn't been the case on United's last two visits to East London, where United have twice seen the title snatched from the jaws of victory.

West Ham are in fine fettle and the new managerial partnership of Zola and Steve Clarke seems to be working a treat. I actually have a bad feeling about today, at the very least I expect United to concede. Defeat wouldn't be catastrophic for Fergie - it will only add to interest in the title race - but I'm predicting a score draw.

I expect Wayne Rooney will start today's game on the bench, but it's likely the England striker will play some part in the match. United will need some big performances from their former West Ham players, which hasn't happened that often when the two clubs have met in the capital.


  1. I couldn't believe the Mousers result yesterday...I was already rehearsing the mick taking I intended to give my Scouse housemate...but it was he that had the last laugh unfortunately. But as you rightly point out, United have had their fair share of late wins.
    Having said that, I thought Portsmouth were good value for a draw, and might have got it too if that Scouse reject Crouch hadn't have played the silliest backpass ive seen for a long time, forcing that other Scouse reject James into conceding the free kick.
    Liverpool, however, are clearly struggling without their two lucky charms. It was plain to see on Wednesday, and also yesterday for some of the match.
    Nevermind though. If United keep up their form then it doesn't matter if the Scousers win every match 10-0.
    I expect a tough game today, West Ham seem to have hit a bit of a putple patch recently, but I reckon United will clinch it. Whether or not with a clean sheet remains to be seen.

  2. With Stevie Me out the way now their whole title challenge is in the hands of the Ladyboy, and he got lucky with hos 90+2 goal, lol.


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