Friday, February 20, 2009

Fergie having a laugh at Chelsea's expense?

Many seasoned United fans will concur that it's a little early to be talking about winning the title, so it was somewhat surprising that Fergie went on record earlier this week writing off Chelsea following the ridiculous sacking of Big Phil Scolari.

It wasn't that long ago that United over-turned Newcastle's twelve point lead at the top of the table to clinch the title in dramatic circumstances, it's also worth remembering Kevin Keegan's "love-it" rant in the full glare of the media. The then Newcastle manager had lost the plot following some timely comments by Ferguson.

The Manchester United manager is well versed in using the media; Fergie chooses his words carefully knowing every word will be ceased upon. So the question is does Fergie really believe that Chelsea's title race is all but run? I seriously doubt it personally; more likely Fergie is taking great pleasure in poking fun at Chelsea and Peter Kenyon.

Guus Hiddink is a world-class coach, he has a squad of world-class players, no one should write off Chelsea at this stage of the season. There will be many twists and turns ahead which is why I expect Arsenal to finish in the top four.


  1. i think SAf has done this, as a very smart tactic in choosing who will really stand up and be counted in the run. Effects:
    1) Chelsea will galvanise aroundm Hiddink and SAF's comments and try harder, thereby crippling liverpool's chances, who are mathematically at the moment the more likely threat, who also crack under pressure. Brilliant reverse psychology .and
    2) by saying chelsea are out or the race, it puts the wind up the scoursers sails, and they become overconfident ( eg: Carragher) and they return to their true form, or shittiness and throw away their chance, dropping out of the race and hopefully out of the CHamps league.


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