Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arshavin, United transfer pawn in Ronaldo move to Madrid?

There aren't many players who could potentially placate unhappy United fans about the possible loss of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, but you do wonder if Arshavin is one of them. The Russian midfield general has been in sparkling form in Euro 2008 and anyone who has had the pleasure to watch him perform on the big stage over the last two years will testify that he is no flash in the pan. Arshavin is the real thing. Whether or not United will be able to broker a deal is an interesting question to pose, with all his connections it would appear that Roman Abramovich must be best placed to capture the Russian.

However, with the player hinting strongly that he fancies a move to La Liga and therefore in all probability Real Madrid, there is scope for Madrid to leave the way clear for United to sign Arshavin as a condition of any potential Ronaldo deal. For that scenario to happen, Madrid would have up their game in the diplomacy stakes, United fans won't be holding their breath on that score, as so far Ramón Calderón has shown all the subtlety of a rapist where courting is concerned.

For their part United would need to be smart enough to play this card should they eventually enter into serious negotiations with Madrid, but given Arshavin's recent "come and get me plea" time is of the essence. The Red Devils need to be proactive if they are serious about Arshavin.

My fear is that Fergie hasn't earmarked the Russian as a potential target because all of his focus has been wrongly centred on the search for a new striker, but there has always been the possibility that Ronaldo would want to leave and anyone who knows anything about world football should have been aware of Arshavin's potential. Failure to recognise Arshavin's ability is bad enough, but not making any move to sign him is even worse.

If I was a betting man, my money would be on Arshavin moving to Chelsea and we cannot rule that Wenger is already three steps ahead of everyone else in the race to sign the Russian and therefore Arsenal are a definite possibility.


  1. Arshavin has said that he wants to play for Barcelona, clealry he will not be a pawn for Real Madrid.

  2. However, with the player hinting strongly that he fancies a move to La Liga and therefore in all probability Real Madrid

    Speculation aside, here's what Arshavin had to say:

    ""I have supported Barcelona all my life," Arshavin told "Barcelona are my dream.
    I never thought I would have a genuine chance to play for the club. Let's see how the situation unfolds. For now I can't say anything for sure.

    With Barcelona looking to off load Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto'o, Arshavin looks more likely to head towards Catalonia.

  3. This is typical of my luck this last few days. Only 24 hours ago I posted that I believed that Arshavin would stay in Russia, what with there being so many oligarchs, money no object, then what do you know later the same day he's talking about playing in La Liga.... 24 hours on and he comes out and names his club of choice. But it was always going to be either Madrid or Barca - so I'm the man who gambled on heads and the coin flipped tails... I think I should go and buy a VW Golf like that advert on tv, the man who keeps on just missing out etc.. Such is life. Still, it was a good plot while it lasted.

    It wouldn't surprise me if he signed for Chelsea or Arsenal though, but I admit it sounds like he's on his way to Barca....good luck to them, they need to build a complete new team and the manager situation isn't exactly solid.

  4. well actually now there seems to be an about turn of some sorts. He seems undecided really, so hold on to your plot don't tear away the script just as yet :)

    Here's the Beeb interview:

    And he can speak English.

  5. Yes, it seems Barcelona have the first option on him, so maybe Ronaldo to Barcelona for a less than record fee but a kick in the nuts for Madrid? And Arshavin for United?

  6. I don't think Arshavin is anywhere near good enough to replace Ronaldo he has had one good game against the Dutch and everybody is saying he is worth £15-20 Million. The guy is 27 and it has taken us until now to hear about him. When England played Russia in the qualifying he did not look that clever.

    It is always a bad idea to buy people based on performances in one tournament. Look at Poborsky and Diouf. I shall be more than glad if he goes onto join Barcelona.

  7. Uday, Arshavin is Barca bound and Ronaldo, well who knows, but I wouldn't like to be in his shoes if he stays at United and doesn't come out soon and publicly gives some sort of loyalty pledge to the club.

  8. True, Arshavin would by no means replace Ronaldo. Also, given his talent, is a slick passer required at United? given the fact that there are Carrick, Hargreaves, and Anderson who pass as well as anyone else. We must be clearer on what role he might play for United if they would sign him.

  9. I think last night's game proved my point about Arsavin he was nowhere to be seen and that's against the Spanish defence which is none to clever.

  10. Ron,

    I wouldn't be so quick to write off Arshavin, I think we have to accept that Spain were pretty much thrashed Russia from start to finish. The Spaniards were so on top it was almost untrue. According to Hiddink, there was doubts about his Arshavin's match fitness, why is that he reminds me of Nick Barmby?


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