Saturday, February 23, 2008

Newcastle 1-5 United: Messiah's second coming going horribly wrong...

The 'Geordie nation' had hoped for a repeat of the 1996 5-0 drubbing of Manchester United today when the two teams faced off at St James Park this evening. The Red Devils had already avenged that 1996 defeat by rattling in five or more goals on four separate occasions against Newcastle, the latest being the 6-0 hammering of Keegan's team at Old Trafford in January.

Tonight Newcastle fans got the five goals they were so desperately hoping for, the only problem was they were in the Toon net. Newcastle had started the game brightly enough with James Milner giving the Reds a few early problems from the right flank, added to which the home team was closing down the visitors all over the park.

However, Keegan's team simply could not match the quality of Ronaldo and Rooney, on the 25 minutes the Two-Rs combined beautifully after an excellent Michael Carrick ball found the Portuguese winger hugging the left touchline, Ronaldo performed one of his trademark cut-backs on the Newcastle byline before firing over a pin-point cross which found Rooney steaming-in unmarked at the far post, the England striker's finish did not disappoint the hordes of visiting fans when he lashed it beyond Given.

On 44 minutes, Ronaldo got in on the scoring act after local boy Michael Carrick once again dissected the hapless Newcastle back four with another searching ball to the feet of the Portuguese flyer who gave Given no chance when coolly slotting home the Reds second goal of the half.

Keegan's team had a decent 10 minute spell just after the half-time break, but on 56 minutes Ronaldo made it three-nil after some comical defending by Newcastle which eventually led to the United winger leaving a befuddled Steven Taylor sprawled on the turf, and once again the finish was exemplary.

Newcastle salvaged some pride on 79 minutes when Faye scored from a corner, but only a minute later Wayne Rooney scored his second goal of the game, after Alan Smith's attempt at a clearance found its way to the feet of the England striker who curled his arching shot beyond the reach of Steve Harper to score another picture-book goal for the visitors.

Second-half substitute Louis Saha completed the rout when he combined with Rooney in the 90th minute to make it a thoroughly miserable day for Keegan and Newcastle fans.

However, for Manchester United supporters the Reds are now just three points behind leaders Arsenal and so it is very much game on.

It's doubtful that Newcastle will be relegated this season, but they have some tough looking games on the horizon. It remains to be seen if Keegan will ride out the current run of poor results and go on to turn it around, the defending against United today was pathetic at times and that is putting it mildly. Cheer up Kevin Keegan.


  1. Was at the game today and saw a Man U team dominate us for long stretches of the game and even as a lifelong Newcastle fan had to admire Rooney and Ronaldo they were brilliant, 2 players i would pay to watch. But what i cant understand is the bitterness towards Newcastle from Man U fans and press.It has been 11 years since we were a threat to you and could be a while before we are again so why the constant slagging off?.We are not a derby for you and we certainly aint ur biggest rivals.Is it that you are jealous of the positive coverage our fans get compared to yours (ie Prawn sandwiches ,even your manager slagged your fans off )if it is well thats ok you are richer ,more succesful ,better recent history,all pluses for your side that we cant argue about so what if we have better fans we are a north east team you are a worldwide megateam with fans comin to old trafford from all over the globe you cant expect the passion to be the same.Just accept you will never be Like Newcastle and get behind your team at home better.You have a great team and banter aside should be shamed that we bother you so much.Nobody in newcastle considers you our biggest game never have never will.
    i wish you the best in europe and the league just try being a little less arrogant u dont need to be.

  2. United fans are not jealous of Newcastle and never have been IMO, nor do we consider you as rivals.

    There's a lot of media myths surrounding the supporters of Newcastle and Liverpool. Your fans have a reputation for being among the most loyal, but the record books show that it wasn't that long ago that you were playing in front of 16,000 at home. There ends the myth. At times the media are clueless when trotting out lazy half-arsed cliches about your fans and those of Liverpool.

    Personally, I'd like to see a club in the North East live up to the hype some day then at least the tag of 'hotbed of football', would have some modern day relevance.

    This passion you refer to hasn't been in evidence for a long time, possibly since KKs first stint in charge, maybe he is the man to bring that passion back, but it's looking unlikely.

    I make no apologies for United fans taking the **** out of Keegan because you know full well that if the boot was on the other foot your lot would do EXACTLY the same.
    Football is about rivalry. Get used to it.

    I'd like to hear your definition of what constitutes a 'better fan'.
    Added to which, it is to be hoped that United will never be like Newcastle - serial under-achievers, with supporters who have over-inflated opinions of their own worth.

    Manchester United have plenty of ****head fans alright and we attract corporate free-loaders by the score, but do not think for one minute that the club doesn't still have a core of die-hard fans.

  3. lol you guys are touchy,i never once said anywhere that we had better more hardcore fans than Man Utd.I know people from a lot of clubs that are just as passionate as newcastle fans that was not the point i was trying to make the fact is the press do sensationalize our fans for being hardcore and yours as being more corporate that is just a fact.I bet that loads of real Man U fans get pissed off with this view of your club but once again it is fact you are not just a manchester club now you have grown bigger than that you are a worldwide brand. And by the way james before you start quoting numbers get your facts right the years we had 16,000 was when we had no leazes end and that was the capacity.I was at a cup final where you couldnt sell all your tickets if you wanna get into that one.I am definately not anti manU and want you to beat arsenal to the title coz i genuinely think you are the best team in the league but there is just something about your club that doesnt fit right,too many hangers on that the real fans have been lost and replaced with arrogant part time supporters that will haunt your club when times get rough which they will history has proven that time and time again.It was the forums that prompted me to write my original post not the fans at the match but hey what the hell you are just another set of people to jump on the Bash Newcastle train at the moment but we will overcome, you know that ,I know that, thats all that matters 8:)

  4. Your average attendance in 80-81
    was according to TOONARAMA 17,300.

    Regarding this nonsense about being at a cup final and United couldn't sell their allocation. Do you realise how difficult it is for United fans to get cup final tickets?

  5. Here's a quote for the 80-81 season:
    "Not surprisingly the fans deserted in droves and the average crowd of 17,350 was the lowest since the 1901-02 season." - TOONARAMA!

  6. I'll love it if we beat them!!


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