Thursday, December 27, 2007

Liverpool preparing to hoist white flag of surrender ...

If United win their match at Upton Park on Saturday they will go into the New Year as league leaders, they will also no doubt be many pundits favourite to retain the Premier League title.

Meanwhile bitter rivals Liverpool currently lie nine points adrift of the champions, albeit with a game in hand, but if United should win against West Ham on Saturday and Manchester City beat Liverpool on Sunday at Eastlands it will surely mark the end of another fruitless title challenge by Rafa Benitez's team, if indeed it can be described as such.

It was only a few months ago that many in the media were writing-off United as they languished near the foot of the table, while at the same time many supporters were no doubt punting on the Merseyside Reds to finally win their first Premier League.

Liverpool last won the title in 1989-90 when it was the old first division championship, ironically the Margaret Thatcher era also came a crushing end in the same year as she was eventually replaced by John Major.

The early 90s also marked the end of the cold-war and the Soviet Union. East and West Germany were reunited and the early 1990s saw in the beginning of what was to become known as globalisation. It was a case of out with the old and in with the new, it was also a time for change on the pitch as United replaced Liverpool as the dominant force in English football.

While Liverpool fans are quick to remind United supporters that their club has won the European Cup/Champions League five times, they don't like being reminded that it is likely to be 18 years since they last won the thing which they crave the most, the league title.

United fans wont be banking on another league title victory just yet, but with the prospect of yet more problems for Arsenal and Chelsea with both clubs having players who will be involved in the African Cup of Nations in January and February, the champions look like a good bet

For Liverpool, they will surely be preparing to hoist the white flag of surrender above Anfield as the long barren run without a league title to celebrate is likely to continue as they look enviously on at United.


  1. Well, you should know well enough about these things as United did not win the league for 27 years, or was it even more, and by the way if my memory serves me right you were even relegated in that period. But if I were you I wouldn`t write Liverpool off, at least not just yet as this campaign will be the closest in years.

  2. WELL DONE MANCHESTER UNITED. Well done to sir alex ferguson. Sir Alex ambition is to knock liverpool of their mantle.
    It has taken 21 years for sir alexferguson and he is still two titles short from equalling Liverpools 18 titles. so for the next three years united need to win the league and they will surpass liverpool. But how much longer will ferguson last? Man United have done remarkably well to dominate the domestic league. But for all Man United domination the devils only managed to reach the final of europe once. When liverpool dominated they won euro cup consecutively. Teams like nottingham forest have the same record in europe as man united. And remeber one thing, you might be champions, you might dominates the domestic league. BUT UNITED ARE STILL CHASING LIVERPOOLS RECORD. FERGUSON KNOWS THAT HE IS STILL CHASING LIVERPOOLS RECORD. LIVERPOOL ARE BRITAINS MOST SUCCESFUL CLUB. LIVERPOOL ARE THE BENCHMARK. football did not start in 1990. For Man United football started in 1990.

  3. Not one person of the media in the UK, rest of Europe the America's continents of Australia and Asia ever wrote Man Utd off, can you source one article or cite one journalist? The league was never one in December but it has been lost, I wouldnt right off anyone just yet. Equally Liverpool could prevail at Manchester City and you may drop points at West Ham.

    Your article is typical of blinckered supporters, who cant see the true failings of their own club ie Manchesters Utd's worse central midfield for decades, a show boding winger with no sportmanship and a crowd that has lost its soul and true identity. Keep believing your own hype, you may win the PL but the current Utd team is worse than the one who who were out played by Munich.

  4. Hi ho, that's not a white flag at all up at Anfield. By gosh it's Fergie's underpants and they are not so white........

  5. dear sir,

    How nice of you to talk about liverpool when you have won 18 league titles and 5 european cup only then can you be on a par with liverpool remember took ferguson six years to win a league title and you had to wait 26 years just remember dalgish walk out on liverpool otherwise you still be waiting for your long lost title and remember we are still waiting in wings and we will win the league this year

  6. You are oh so wrong! We are only half way in the season, and Liverpool will strike back!

  7. yes 18 years and counting , you can keep your 5 times , my kids cannot remember you being champions

  8. People who write of liverpool when they are essentially 6 points of the pace with half the season to play merely reveals themselves to be rabid opportunistic liverpool haters. TO BE FAIR THE SAME THING CAN BE SAID ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE WHO WROTE OF MANU AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. The question is can Liverpool out score MU by 7 pts over 20 games? Its not just mathematically possible, its significantly PROBABLE. The prob. may not be higher than 50% - this is MU's to lose, but it is certainly up above 33%. Does that constitute a chance? First, This is a team with Steven Gerrard, he is not the greatest midfielder in the world, that quality I think goes to Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo, but there isn't a player alive that is more able to turn a game. Gerrard has that quality not just because of his skill, but because he is playing for liverpool. I doubt very much whether he would be a game changer at Chelsea, he can't even do it for England. Second, this team is responsible for Istanbul, where the chances of Victory, not just in the second half, but throughot that campaign were well below 33%. Liverpool has a fighting chance to win this title.

    Two things are clear; first if they are going to do it, it will take something special down the stretch; but which premiership champion hasn't been special their moment of victory. Second, this is MU's to lose, we are not SUPPOSED to win this thing until after we get our new stadium. So if Liverpool do it with yesterday's economics, versus the modern economics that are supporting Arsenal, MU and the massive wallet that is proping up Chelsea (Ticket sales at Stampford Bridge prob. just about keep the lights on), then that will confirm what generations of Red Men have always suspected. That there is something very special about Liverpool FC.

  9. Of course mathematically Liverpool can still win the title, United overhauled Newcastle a few seasons back when they had a massive lead at the top of the table. I just think that it's unlikely, given that for it to happen both United and Arsenal would have to drop a lot more points than Liverpool between now and the end of the season.

    If I'm being honest at the beginning of the season I was a bit worried that this might be your season - but since then things haven't gone to plan - and what's more I'm certain that many LFC fans are of the same opinion. After the recent away game with Blackburn some of your fans were ranting that they wanted Rafa out. There was talk of banners being held aloft at your next game. I'm referring mainly to one angry 606 caller and your biggest fan Alan Green was in agreement on many of the issues raised by the caller - it was one of the funniest calls that I've had the pleasure to listen to in a long time and it's not often that I can say about the dreadful show that is 606.

    As for me hating Liverpool. We are rivals and as such I like it when you're not winning - you will feel the same about MUFC. But I'm in no way obsessed with your club, you will barely find a mention of LFC on this blog unless it's in reference to matches between the two clubs.

    Yesterday was a festive wind-up and judging by the many abusive responses I touched a raw nerve...

    Happy Xmas and a not so happy new year - we had turkey btw! ;0)

  10. You go on about the media prophesising a Utd down fall and a Lpl title, but this infact is what your doing now, the other way round of course. And yes alot of Manu fans are obsessed with Lpl thats why you go on Everton web sites to steal Anti-Lpl songs/dirt.

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  12. The biggest football club on earth!
    And you have the same manager for 20 years and he cant beat Clough at Forest how have won 2 EC/CL when SIIR Furgiie only have ONE!United are protected in England by the Ref and that are not in Europe .Becurse there they are only annother team.5 penaltys so far in the league .No other teams get penaltys so easy and the Furgiie extra time when you need it.

  13. Here's a tip for you. If you want to be taken half seriously, then first things first try spell checking your posts!


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