Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Capello appointment: All aboard the comedy train for another mystery tour...

So here we go again, the FA look set to appoint another foreign England manager. Having sacked Steve McClaren, we were told that lessons had been learnt on his appointment and that this time things would be different...

Leading managers such as Ferguson were consulted as part of the revamped vetting process, predictably we were told that the United boss thought that Mourinho was the right man to replace McClaren. However, Jose isn't ready to turn his back on club football right now, but it didn't stop him from playing the media like a well used fiddle to flush out interests from Europe's biggest clubs.

Last weekend the News of the World ran a somewhat amusing exclusive. Rob Beasley, massive Chelsea fan - and one of Jose's hacks of choice - wrote a very funny story claiming that the self anointed 'special one', had over the space of 24 hours decided to take the job only for him to change his mind on Saturday morning. You really could not make it up and yet the laughable News of the World had the brass nerve to devote the whole of their back page with this exclusive story that when decoded was really confirming what many of us suspected all along that they didn't have a f****** clue what was happening. Jose had been toying with Beasley et al, by pulling down their collective trousers. It serves these fawning tail-wagging hacks right is my view.

Following on from the Mourinho pantomime comes the news that Fabio Capello will be the new England manager. Now I have nothing against the former Real Madrid coach, he's obviously got the credentials, only a fool would argue otherwise. But take a look at the list of World Cup Winning nations and one thing stands out, Brazil, Italy and Germany have all won the trophy several times, none of them have been managed by a foreign coach. I strongly suspect that none of those nations mentioned would even contemplate having a foreign coach, the very idea would rightly cause outrage among the populous.

It's one thing for an African nation to appoint a bloke who looks like the former lead singer of Abba to be their manager, it should be quite another for former World Cup winning nations such as England. However, that is where we are, this is what it has come to. England are in fact officially rubbish and we have known that for a very long time.

In football you get what you deserve and England will get the same. Does anyone seriously believe, for even half a minute, that Capello will change the culture and attitude of English football? Does anyone believe that Capello will succeed where others have failed? If the answer to both questions is NO, then we might as well have saved ourselves the embarrassment of making English football look even more foolish than England already look. Capello will not be able to change English football from the grassroots upwards. Italian footballers are generally better technically than English players, this stands out when comparing defenders especially. God damn it, the Italians are even better at cheating which is considered as part of the game - winning is everything - in England we have this half arsed idea about gentlemen and players. This is partly is why we have a sideboard full of full fourth and fifth prizes and it is why the Italian's have won the World Cup four times. Capello isn't the answer he is not even close to it.

It's interesting to note that one man (recently voted the best manager of all time) who was consulted on the next England appointment was more or less completely ignored by the media and the FA. I refer to none other than Arsene Wenger who said the next manager should be English.

It's worth pointing out that prior to McClaren getting the job, I was personally in favour of Scolari, but I have since changed my mind and I agree with Wenger. Capello wont make the difference - we will get what we collective deserve and such we might as well stick with an Englishman.

Give me Steve Copell over Capello any day.

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