Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big Phil Scolari denies Ronaldo to Barca report

Earlier this week 'Big Phil' Scolari, former Brazil national team manager and Portugal boss was quoted via the media telling Cristiano Ronaldo that he'd be better off playing for a club like Barcelona, where team work is of more importance rather than at a club where he's treated like a superstar, and that Barcelona was the perfect environment in which to train because it hardly ever rains, the sunshine etc, etc. The good news is that Scolari now says he knows nothing of this story and in typical fashion says "I don't have any explanation on this matter, for what they wrote or didn't write. What I say goes in one ear and out the other."

The inference of the original story was that Manchester United isn't club where team work is all important, which is of course complete rubbish. Take United's thumping 4-0 away win over Spurs at the weekend, United had four different scorers which included Vidic a centre half and three midfield players, after every goal the whole team came together to celebrate.

What happened on Sunday against Tottenham has been largely been the story of United's season with the goals being spread around the team. The reds have scored 61 goals in the league so far and Ronaldo the top scorer has only got 15 of them, added to which no less than 15 different players have registered on the scoresheet.

There is a unity about this United team which suggests that they might well win back the title from Chelsea.

Scolari appears to have been misquoted, but more likely this is the work of Barca's friends in the press spinning for all their worth. Perhaps United should retort by telling Ronaldinho that he'd really be better off in Manchester, where he would be treated like a superstar, but in a great team, sadly we cannot match Barcelona for the weather though, we'd have to employ Billy Liar to spin that one.

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