Thursday, July 02, 2009

Huntelaar is not what United need right now, but...

With top quality targets in short supply it surely is only a matter of time before we hear that United have opened talks with Madrid about signing Huntelaar, at least that my personal big fear. If it happens and the Dutchman signs this summer, what can United fans expect? One thing is for certain, it won't be pace up front next season.

The danger is United's forward play would become slow and predictable with no pacey striker down the middle, it would leave some fans pining for the days of Yorke and Cole - arguably the club's finest ever forward pairing. It is difficult to see Rooney and Berbatov forming any kind of meaningful partnership on the evidence of last season.

Given the lack of standout candidates who might in some way fill the Ronaldo void, it comes as no surprise to read that Fergie is not going to sign a striker this summer. If that happens the manager is taking a huge gamble, possibly the biggest of his career. Manager's often do their best work in the summer months after weeks of planning, sadly it looks at this juncture that Fergie's transfer plans have turned to dust.

Fergie hasn't quite reached desperation stage yet, but if the manager doesn't sign a top striker this summer then he may well live to regret it later. I for one have serious reservations about Huntelaar. If Fergie signs the Real Madrid striker, it will be a case of Hobsons choice, but it could well be the manager's only serious option. With all that said I'll predict a parntership of Rooney and Huntelaar would do far better than Rooney and Berbatov - that's because Huntelaar is a genuine striker, whereas the other two are essentially second-strikers.


  1. we should be trying to sign hulk from porto..pacey, strong and young!

  2. Huntelaar is like Marco van Basten: not great pace but absolute ruthlessness in front of goal. He can score with both feet and with the head. United really need a goal scorer following Ronaldo's departure, and Huntelaar certainly fits the bill IMO (you obviously disagree, though). Check out what he can do:


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