Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Ronaldo WON'T be joining Madrid this summer...

Manchester United finally lost patience with Real Madrid earlier this week when reporting the Spanish club to FIFA over their continued pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo. Many pundits in the media are rightly speculating that FIFA will give Madrid little more than a warning on this issue, but the very fact that the Reds have taken this action should be viewed as significant because it means that the club have once again publicly made clear their intent on retaining Ronaldo.

Fergie and David Gill have both stated that the player is going nowhere on numerous occasions. There is no way that United can or will make a complete about turn and sell the player now - how could they after so many declarations and public statements?

Madrid for their part have resorted to desperate measures by allegedly telling Ronaldo to go on strike. The Spanish Champions will doubtless continue to try to unsettle the player, but after being reported to FIFA they will surely know that as far as this summer is concerned the game is well and truly up.

Do not be surprised if Madrid make some sort of half-hearted public apology over the coming days in a bid to mend damaged relations.


  1. Could not reporting Madrid be a ploy to earn more cash in on Ronaldo.

    Frankly, if he Really wants to leave, I would not want him to grind out another season here.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Ronaldo has not done all there is to do for United, one great season is not everything.

    Anyhow, please Ronaldo and United management, sort this out fast, I want to enjoy the Euros.

    Did you watch the Holland-Italy game? The Dutch had a great performance, let's hope Ferguson is scouting that talented team.

  2. Also, apparently Ramsey now wants to go to Arsenal?

  3. Uday,

    I agree with you on Ronaldo, it's a difficult one for both the club and Fergie, but they are saying that he is going nowhere. Time will tell.

    Bad news about Ramsey. A real kick in the teeth for United.

    Yes, I saw that match last night, it was a really good game and nice to see Italy conceding three goals.

    Not sure if Fergie fancys any of the Dutch players apart from Huntelaar.


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