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Why opinion polls on Ronaldo's future are totally and utterly pointless...

Now here's a thing, I notice that The Times are running a poll on the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. I have nothing against using polls for gauging public opinion, providing that the sample source can be relied upon to provide an accurate and fair view of those who it directly concerns. On this in instance, let us be clear on one thing. The opinions on Ronaldo and in particular of those in the media and especially those of rival fans matter not one jot. This is about Manchester United and the best player in the world.

A few years ago the Manchester Evening News ran a similar poll on the future of Fergie, for which the manager famously fell out with the newspaper. Reason? The poll was hijacked by "the Bitters", aka Man City fans. The poll results suggested that United fans wanted Fergie out. It was just another example of why polls cannot be relied upon when the sample source is so unreliable.

In the case of Ronaldo - just about every bitter rival fan in the land would love nothing more than to see the back of the best player in the world. What worth is the view of a Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or City fan in this poll? What next should the media canvass the views of Gareth Southgate on the Ronaldo situation? That would be like asking Adolph Hitler for his views on the Jews.

There will always be some United fans who sadly want rid of Ronaldo too. But to those who do want Ronaldo out, remember what the player did for the Reds last season; without him United wouldn't currently be Premier League and Champions League champions.

Also remember that Ferguson wants Ronaldo to stay and why would that be? The answer, just in case anyone needs reminding again is that Ronaldo is the best player in the world. No amount of money Real Madrid can offer will be enough to find an adequate replacement in the short-term. I write that in acknowledgement that we eventually replaced Cantona with Beckham and the latter with Ronaldo.

It's more than a fair bet, the same fans who want Ronald out, are the very same ones who let themselves be influenced by our ever so jingoistic press in the World Cup following the so called fall-out between Rooney and Ronaldo. Sections of the tiresome gutter-press still refer to Ronaldo as 'the winker'.

To those who are being influenced by the media's constant barrage of innuendo, much of it geared towards creating tensions between, club player and supporters, I say remember all of the great goals that Ronaldo scored for the Red Devils last season. Remember Ronaldo's majestic headers against Roma and Chelsea and those fabulous free-kicks. Think about all the great things that Ronaldo has done for United, he is a crowd pleaser like no other, it is why he is in such demand and yet still it appears some so called United fans wold have done with him.

The results of The Times pointless Ronaldo poll will not add anything to the debate, what it will do, worst case, is give the nutters out there more ammunition and further self-belief that selling Ronaldo is really a good thing - now that in itself would be quite remarkable - if only it were actually true...

To anyone looking for guidance on the Ronaldo debate in the form stats, do not forget the phrase "lies, damn lies and statistics", instead think; 42 goals, a Premier League title and a Champions League trophy - now that is what I call statistics.

For those who insist that we should sell Ronaldo, please present your case.

Ronaldo must stay and end of.


  1. I am disappointed with Ronaldo because of the way he's played the press by his not saying anything clear -- thus allowing speculation to grow, and thus showing scant respect for the club and its fans.

    I've presented my case here, so I won't repeat it.

  2. ronaldo scored 42 goals because of the players that he was playing with. if he does not want to play for united anymore there is no poi nt in forcing him to stay. by refusing to state publicly that he is not leaving united he is showing disrespect to the club, fans and management as well as some immaturity.united can easily find a replacement. no player is irreplaceable and as such no player is bigger than a club that pays his wages. either he commits or he leaves. KD

  3. KD - and what about ALL the goals that Ronaldo created for others?

    Don't be hasty in wishing Ronaldo out of the door - you may well live to regret your stance if he stays and do not forget that....

  4. We all want Ronaldo to stay. But the player himself has said on more than one occasion that he wants to play in Spain. Why he wants to go to Real Madrid is beyond me. He'll be making a big mistake in my opinion. They are the Liverpool of Spain. Big reputation based on long-gone glory years, now just also-rans. Call their bluff, nothing less than 100 million in cash, no player exchanges. If the deal does not go through, Ronaldo seems to indicate he will honour his contract. Lets hope that is the case. We all want to see him at United for years to come. 3 more championships, 3 more Champions leagues please, and then go play in Spain if thats what you want.

  5. RR, the problem is the media won't think twice about adding to the insecurities of those who foster anti Ronaldo feelings...

    Unlike Beckham before him, at least Ronaldo has made it clear that he would one day like to play for Madrid. That is being honest and we should recognise that fact. When Beckham left the club he was branded as a liar by many of our own supporters - this was because his camp were negotiating with Madrid in "secret" which led directly to the club trying to sell to him Barca. However, the whole saga was a total debacle.

    I digress, those who launch attacks on Ronaldo after all that he has done for the club are wrong and it cannot be right or fair in my opinion.

    As "for playing the media game", it IS disappointing that the player hasn't come out and stated that his desire is to see out his contract. But at the same time it could be argued that is being a tad unrealistic given that his shylock agent will no doubt be stoking the transfer-fire behind the scenes, with the goal of landing another big pay-rise or a lucrative move to Madrid for his client.

    The very fact that Fergie wants the player to stay should be enough for any Red, as he only has United's best interests heart and he is more in touch with the player than any of us internet geeks and alike.

  6. The fans who say Ronaldo's departure wouldn't affect the team, are trying to fool themselves. Finding a replacement for Ronaldo all of a sudden is not possible, and everyone knows that. To replace someone who scored 42 goals a season is going to be very difficult and Fergie knows that. If Ronaldo stays for one more season, I'm sure Fergie would find a great replacement.
    Ronaldo is not the type of player who would remain loyal to a club lifelong. He gave his best when he played. Maybe he used the media speculation to his advantage but wouldn't someone in his place, someone who is on top of his game, do just that?

  7. Ronaldo would be a tremendous asset if he stays. I understand he is an absolute talisman for the team. We should not lose him if we have the choice.

    That is the key word there, 'if we have a choice'. If Ronaldo wants to leave, we do not have a choice. Ferguson and the Glazers will know better than to keep a sulking unhappy superstar, 'best player in the world', for a serious and long season, who knows how that can disrupt the dressing room.

    So, it must be made clear if Ronaldo is leaving this year or whenever, the sooner that is done the better.

    However, I believe that say he does not leave, he will be a star performer throughout the seasons he stays. And they are all professionals in the United dressing room, and will understand mostly the predicament he put himself through over this summer.

    Regardless, Ronaldo in his entirety is irreplaceable, much like Beckham ,the complete winger, was, much like Van Nistelrooy the goal machine, was. However, Ferguson came back and built and ever stronger side. Nani's transfer becomes all the more relevant as this saga unfolds.

    Bottomline, Ronaldo, if you want to leave, by all means leave, you are missing out on United history and joining a rather adventurist and reckless setup at Madrid (in management and coaching).

    Ferguson, extract the maximum amount of cash from Ronaldo leaving, and buy class players to ensure he will not be missed immensely, and that United can recover rapidly, unlike how long it took to recover from Beckham's departure, and how we still haven't replaced Van Nistelrooy but still have managed to do the job.

    If Ferguson stays for two more seasons, like he has stated recently, I'm sure he can leave behind a side with which we can confidently say, "Christiano Ronaldo, who is that?"


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