Thursday, June 19, 2008

United to sign the new Ralph Milne?...

It's that time again, the summer transfer window has flung wide open with every Tom, Dick and Harry being linked to our favourite club. As soon as Euro 2008 finishes expect the transfer gossip to move up into overdrive. The tabloid press and their doctors of spin have only been warming up - it is going to get a lot worse, by the end of the silly season your nerves are likely to be shredded. The news has so far has centred on the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, with the focus very much on outgoing talk.

If Ronaldo is sold, which I personally doubt, United will have to replace him. Then for the next god knows how many years we will have suffer the press labelling targets as 'the new Ronaldo'. It was seemingly ever thus. United have always been associated with great players, when George Best retired, we were told that Sammy McIlroy was to be the new Georgie, then it was Norman Whiteside, even last year a young Irish lad named Rob Brady was burdened with the label and of course comparisons have been made with Ronaldo and Georgie.

The thing is the tabloid press know that we fans want to read that our club have found a diamond. The media play on our love of all things great where the beautiful game is concerned, particularly if the player in question is being strongly linked to your beloved club, they know that we fans are especially receptive at this time of year, we are like mares in season, waiting to be serviced by the next big juicy transfer rumour.

But for every football fan, there is always a nightmare scenario; you dream that this new signing will be every bit as good as hype that surrounds this shining new star, but often when reality bites, you realise that instead of signing the next Ronaldo you have in fact signed a bit of a donkey in the form of the new Ralph Milne.

Folks, sans Ronaldo, we can look forward to that for the rest our days, for now let us hope that Ronaldo stays for a while longer so we can savour the real thing and not have to endure silly headlines. Only in the world of blogging can you get away with "United to sign the new Ralph Milne?..."

Great expectations:
Keith Gillespie - another likened to Georgie, but like his fellow compatriot suffered demons off the field play.

Djemba-Djemba - so bad they named him twice, likened by some to the next Keano.

Jordi Cruyff - burdened by his own namesake.

I'm certain there's many more, send in your names of former players who were either labelled as the next 'xxxxx' or those who failed to live up to expectations.


  1. those that came with "huge potential" and just slipped through the back door.... Michael Stewart.....Liam name a few..i think its the same w every club..just that a big club like United will get more attention..success or failure.. (oh yesss...have we not forgotten Sir Alex's "saviour"..Mark Robins..)

  2. Mark Robins, now there's rumour that's never been laid to rest...

    Burdening the player with great expectations is grossly unfair on the player concerned...I should have added that point.

  3. I've read some decent articles in here recently. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  4. The mainstream press have always been guilty of building them up and knocking them down.

    But admit it, the faint hope that this or that new player may be the real thing provides hope and excitement to us all.

    Forget 'the new Ronaldo', whatever will it be like when we have to start looking for 'the new Fergie'

  5. hmm the world cup winner that was going to make the midfiled sing the samba. Kleberson, we had to wait for the 19 year old Anderson.
    Veron enough said....

  6. Just found this blog , like it a lot. Often I will look back at a United team and see what some of the forgotten players are at these days, like a Colin McKee , Brian Carey or Neil Whitworth from around 1989/90 team.

    Danny Wallace is another that came with great hope, Liam O'Brien! remember him.

    So many come through the doors at a club like United.

    talk soon.


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