Tuesday, June 24, 2008

United must not give in to Real Madrid's bullying tactics...

Despite the best attempts of sections of the Spanish and English media while trying to convince us to the contrary, nothing has changed, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a United player. Reds fans will no doubt be sick and tired of hearing the views of so called "experts" telling us that it is only a matter of time before the deal goes through, yesterday Guillem Balague said "as soon as Ronaldo tells United he wants to sign for Real Madrid it will happen". Oh really?

Then we had the bekon of light that is Zidane saying it will happen, because it always does... For their part United remain confident that Fergie will be able to talk Ronaldo into staying with the Champions for one more season, which would coincide with the manager probably retiring too.

The media slant for the most part has been focused on Ronaldo leaving, but in doing Madrid's bidding while trying to convince everyone that it is only a matter of time before this deal goes through, the so called experts have under estimated Ferguson's powers of persuasion. If Fergie managed to talk Eric Cantona out of quitting United he must have a good chance of doing likewise with Ronaldo.

Today the story has been taken to another level with Ronaldo clearly being advised on every step of Madrid's exit strategy. Just 24 hours ago, Ronaldo told the world that he was to undergo surgery in a bid to be fit for next season and that his future would soon become clear. All of a sudden we have been told that there will be no operation and that Ronaldo is going on holiday. With the plot thickening nicely, Madrid's Ramon Calderon has made it clear they will NOT pay £80m, which is a figure that has been bandied around in the unlikely event of United agreeing to sell Ronaldo.

Marca, the unofficial mouthpiece of Real Madrid are claiming that the Spanish club will announce the signing of Ronaldo on July 7th. Marca could teach Lord Haw Haw a thing or two about propaganda where fibbing is concerned. This bullying by Madrid via Marca will hopefully only stiffen United's resolve to keep Ronaldo.

If Ronaldo and his agent have a grain of sense, they will keep their own counsel, because in all probability he will still be a United player next season and by continuing to allow this to go on they are in serious danger of being on the receiving end of a fan backlash. It is to be hoped that when the penny finally drops, either Ronaldo or his agent publicly nail their colours to the United mast in a bid to rebuild bridges with the Red Army at large.

Sadly, we cannot rule out that United may well come to the conclusion that they may well have to sell Ronaldo, but if that should happen then the club must take Madrid for their very last Euro.

United must demand at least £80m - anything less will be seen as a humiliating capitulation, to accept anything less will mean that Real Madrid will have metaphorically kicked sand in the face of the English Champions and in so doing they will have robbed us into the bargain, no doubt to sound of Lord Haw Haw crowing in the background. That scenario cannot and must not be allowed to happen.


  1. What, like the bullying tactics ManU use over others?

  2. Pretty fair summary of the situation

  3. Bless!
    You've been doing the exact same to others for years, so live with it.

  4. CR& must go! He was great while he was here, but its time for him to move on and take the $$ and get 2 more up and commers like he once was!
    The Man U fans deserve more and so does the locker room. This speculation is not good for the team as a whole. Fans want to support the players who want to be at Man U and feel the privledge.

  5. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing CR stay at Old Trafford under the premise that it's just for another season or until SAF retires. Such a situation presents a conflict of interests for CR (and United), and his lack of pride (and desire) in representing our club is in that case pretty much signed and sealed on a piece of paper. Joy for anyone not interested in United...

    The only way he should stay now is if he comes out and denounces all the stuff from the papers this summer, saying something to the effect of "I never gave any of these interviews, I love United and want to stay here as long as I can..." If he doesn't do that, then he must go, and he must go now. Having someone in the lineup who isn't fully committed is disrespectful to the other players and the fans.

    As much as I have loved watching him play, it has become clear that he thinks he's bigger than the club and we know which way such players go. As far as I'm concerned, the fan backlash has already started, and he will have a tough time convincing Utd fans that he deserves to be cheered on as the rest of the team.

    I don't care if we do not defend our title next year, it is time to get over this CR nonsense, sell him to Real and adjust the team to remain successful without him.


  6. I'll say it again, 100 million cash no less. We will be selling a player likely to be voted world player of the year, who is still only 23 and has at least 10 more years at the top. I only wish somebody could convince him to stay. It must be obvious to everyone by now, including him, that he plays his best football at United. 5 years at Madrid and he will be just like Ronaldinho, the other Ronaldo, and others who let money trump true greatness. What a shame. But then, if the article by Daniel Taylor in the Guardian is to be believed, now might the time to get rid of him, as he does not appear to be the same person who joined the club 5 years ago.


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