Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ronaldo revisionists preparing to eat humble pie?

When Ronaldo arrived at United there were some fans who for whatever reason didn't like him. The former Sporting Lisbon star was labelled as a diving cheat by ABU pundits and as far as a minority of Reds were concerned, the mud stuck. There was also the old "he's not a United player, and never will be" line trotted out by the hanging jury. But, Ronaldo won them over with all his wonderful goals and performances which led to the Reds winning yet more silverware. The revisionists hadn't gone away though, they were there lurking somewhere in East Stand sticking pins in their voodoo dolls of Gary Birtles and Peter Davenport.

Roll the clock forward to the events of this summer and what do you know, the revisionists are out again in force preparing to slaughter the very same player who has done so much to ensure that United became Champions of Europe for the third time. Ronaldo it seems wanted to join Real Madrid because it was his dream - nothing wrong with that, everyone has to have ambitions.

But hey what, over the last 48 hours, stories have surfaced claiming that Ronaldo could be about to turn his back on Madrid and commit himself to United. You do wonder what the revisionists will do then, eat another large slice of humble pie?

It brings a whole new meaning to the three Rs, Ronaldo, revisionists and reverse gear. What next, "err, well I didn't really want to see him sold".

Some fans and it has to be said Ronaldo himself need to learn the maxim "never burn your bridges" - you never know when you might need them.

If Ronaldo is sold, it will be against the wishes of Fergie and he's no bad judge...


  1. Well, today, according to the Guardian there are reports that Ronaldo was behind engineering his move out of OT -- against his agent's wishes. Unsubstantiated, perhaps, but the same could be said of the reports you've referred to.

    I have been one of those disappointed with Ronaldo during this summer, but my anger stems from not his loyalty (or lack of it) but from the way he's conducted himself all summer.

    Anything he does from now wouldn't be enough for me to change my stance on him. He'll need to do some serious 'ass kissing' and perhaps, show some noticeable change for me to start liking him again. Sad, but that's how it's going to be.

  2. We don't actually know what will happen, but I know that I want him to stay, you don't sell your best players....

  3. I personally wouldn't believe a thing the Guardian writes. I too have read the article and it is a very shabby piece of journalism. I actually get the paper most days and I have to say there transfer speculation is appalling almost always wrong, and they have their fair share of ABUs.

  4. All the United fans who turned against him, will take a U-turn again if he decides to stay. I hope he stays because that will deprive United of the large amount of money he'll bring, and also be able to watch how fans react now

  5. Ron leaving may be a blessing, Sell him to barca, take Eto,ronaldinho plus cash,that will really stick it to Real. Go for Schweinsteiger and 48mil for benzema is pocket money for manu. with that team we can win the champions league for years to come.I will be at rest when we get that REal record of 9uero trophies

  6. Linked to this in my 'weekend news roundup'


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