Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reds transfer announcement woe.....

Manchester United fans will no doubt have been bemused at the news that Aaron Ramsey opted to join Arsenal when we had been led to believe that the player's proposed £5m transfer to the Red Devils was all but done and dusted. United even went as far as announcing that the deal was nearing completion on the club's official website, subject to personal terms and a medical.

Apart from the huge embarrassment to all concerned at United, it was interesting to hear that Ramsey opted for Arsenal because he believed they offered "stability". It makes one wonder if Fergie's recent announcement about his impending retirement was a factor in the player opting to join the Gunners; why else would the Welshman use the word stability as part of his reason for joining the North London club? It's not as if Arsenal have a bedrock of British players in their first team is it?

Apparently, Wenger has promised to personally oversee the youngster's development, and the Ramsey family wanted to talk to senior management - and they ended up with the shop steward, Gary Neville.

The facts are that United handled this transfer very badly; in contrast the Gunners' went the extra mile when hiring a private jet to fly the player and his family out to Switzerland to talk to Wenger. Even as a United fan I have to admit that this was a smart piece of business.

It is to be hoped that United will learn lessons from this sorry episode. For starters, don't announce transfers until they are completed, but what to do about the Fergie situation; has his retirement cost us a brilliant young player and will it cost us more potential new signings over the coming weeks and months ahead?

Being positive, Ramsey is the one that got away and let us not get too hung up over losing a young player. Fergie and his backroom team did a fantastic job last summer in the transfer market. Manucho might come good too; let's hope the manager adds to what is already a brilliant squad this summer with the capture of at least two more quality signings.

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  1. "A spokesman for the FIFA executive committee said: “United’s chances of getting Real punished are zero.

    “I think everyone knows that these things go on in football but proving any wrongdoing is next to impossible.

    “Real are very powerful and I don’t think they’ll be too worried about United’s claims.” "

    FIFA apparently are with Madrid on this one. Tells you about what state world football is in. Gordon Hill is right that Ronaldo's behaviour is making a mockery of the club and its tradition.

    Ramsey was certainly a loss and an embarrassment to all concerned, however United should have enough of a youth development system to produce more such players.


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