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Forget about Ronaldo: When are United going to make their big moves?

United fans are no doubt starting to get sick and tired of the Ronaldo saga, but it's likely to rumble on for a week or two longer. For those who are desperate for the player to stay comes the news that many have been waiting for, the Glazers, who rarely speak directly to the media have let it be known via 'close sources' that even if Ronaldo hands in a transfer request he is going nowhere. It is seemingly time to move on for all concerned.

So far, apart from talk of Ronaldo leaving, it's been a very quiet summer especially regarding incoming transfers; United managed to bungle the signing of Aaron Ramsey, which we may live to regret.

Moving swiftly on to other names in the frame regarding the search for new blood, one theory doing the rounds is that Fergie is waiting until after Euro 2008 finishes before making his move to sign another striker, which would lead us to assume that his targets are taking part in the summer tournament, in truth though, few players have shone in front of goal.

Klaus-Jan Huntelaar was on target for the Netherlands last night when scoring a simple goal in the two-nil win over Romania. Last week the young Dutch striker issued a fawning 'come and get me plea' to Real Madrid, which will not have gone unnoticed by Fergie.... On the merits of Huntelaar as a striker, it was interesting to hear the views of former Dutch international Frans Thijssen today, who said "he's slow, not that skilful but he always scores goals". It is only one man's opinion, but Thijssen's views on his fellow compatriot are interesting - is Huntelaar really good enough for United? The jury is out as far as I'm concerned as I haven't personally seen enough of the player in action to make a judgement call.

United fans are well aware of the Reds supposed interest in Karim Benzema, but the Lyon striker is going nowhere, his club president was recently quoted saying "£30m would buy his ear". That was prior to France getting their sorry backsides kicked out of Euro 2008 - like most of his French teammates Benzema's stock has fallen in short order. Still, I do not expect any move by United for Benzema.

The Reds could yet make a move for Berbatov or Roque Santa Cruz. Given the paucity of options and therefore by default the Spurs and Blackburn strikers stock could well be rising, with prices to match.

Barcelona have this week confirmed that Samuel Eto'o can leave, but like Ronaldinho he is viewed as something of a bad boy and damaged goods. The fact that Barca are willing to offload the pair with neither anywhere near their sell-by-date must be a cause for concern for any prospective new club. Both players come into the extremely unlikely category as far as United are concerned.

Regarding the future of Louis Saha, the French striker is being linked to Roma, though there has been talk that he'd like to stay, given his appalling injury record that would seem very unlikely.

So the search for the identity of our new striker goes on, we live in hope that Fergie makes a decisive move soon, I just hope that United are not waiting for the dust to settle on Ronaldo's future before showing their hand.


  1. Please, forget Eto'o, Ronaldinho...

    We need a strong right back, as although Brown performed really well last season, most part of the goals we have conceded have came because of some dismal attention fault from him. Particularly both goals against Arsenal in the Emirates.

    My choices would be Daniel Alves or Richards
    We also need a central defender to be back up for Rio and Nemanja, as we sold Pique...

    We are very fine with the midfield, but if we sell Ronaldo, I would take the whole amount and bid for Lionel Messy anyone? :)

    Or maybe Kaka? as he every time tells of his desire to play for us.

    And finally, we need a forward, finisher... And I would go for Huntelaar

  2. I'd like to see us go for Eto'o.

    He may have a big ego and maybe an attitude problem but I'm sure fergie will able to handle that.

    Eto'o fits the bill; Strong, quick, great finisher, decent in the air. He's 27 and has got a good 4/5 years at the top level.

  3. I agree with Rampant.
    If we sell Ronaldo for £60 million and I now think we should then we should put in a bid for Messi at Barcelona, even if we have to increase the offer to say £70 million I still think he would prove to be better than Ronaldo and he would have only cost us £10 million out of the budget we would have had for this summer already.

  4. i think we should get ronaldinho. he is a type of player who can win the game for us, and surely miles better than ronaldo.i really think that SAF can control his party behaviour.just hope that he can stay for more than 2 years...

  5. I agree that United should not sign Ronaldinho...and that is what I posted!

    No amount of money will tempt Barca to sell Messi right now and what's more he is prone to injury.

  6. After the way France played at Euro 2008, how about a low-ball bid for Benzema? Hist stock must have dropped a bit after this tournament. One class save out of Buffon still shows the boy has what it takes. But forget 10-15 million, we should be able to snap him up for 6.

  7. Yes, we somehow still need to get a quality striker on board. You know, maybe, just maybe Saha might be able to have an injury free season and he might be able to deserve his salary and the fee that United meted out to sign him, and when they did sign him, he was a quality striker. However, that remains a hope and not a reality. United need to make realities in their forwards, and Eto'o or Saviola might be good options. Eto'o looks like he might leave the club, whereas Saviola at Madrid is warming the bench again, and would jump at the chance of starting for United. Both players are quick with great technique to finish well the numerous chances that the United midfield machine can produce.

    I would also like to see United go for De La Red, he is a quality midfielder from Madrid's ranks who, despite graduating excellently from their youth system and putting in good performances for Spain, still seems unable to break into their squad, he would be a solid option in the midfield.

    How right you turned out to be on Arshavin. I just watched him play against Sweden, and he was key to Russia's victory today. He would be a brilliant long-term replacement to Scholes as an attacking midfielder who can thread through fine passes and take chances himself at the goal.

    Arshavin would be a good buy definitely. If Messi is possible, it would be an astounding transfer or United, however, I do not think Barcelona would be ready to part with their find, for he is as invaluable to them as Ronaldo is to United.

    Yes, we do need to defensively strengthen, however, we should look for mid-level and respectable squad players, any backup for Vidic and Ferdinand should be ready to sit out most games, as Pique evidently and rightly, given his ability, wasn't, so it is something of a conundrum for Ferguson. However, the versatile player that Hargreaves his, he can possibly provide cover in defensive positions and leave room for quality midfield players like Anderson or Nani, or maybe even Arshavin?

  8. As ever Uday you have raised some interesting points here.

    1)Saha - why is it that I get the feeling that his continued injuries were shall we say a figment of his imagination? You simply do not get injured x three in the pre-match warm-up as he did last season. I have the feeling that Fergie's patience has run out and who can blame him? That said, and with reference to our search for a new striker, I have a sneaking feeling that we might only sign Tevez on a permanent deal - in which case unless good money is offered, we might be forced to retain sicknote.

    2) De La Red - must admit Uday I don't know anything about this lad, but I will take your word on this, but as I mentioned, for me, Royston Drenthe is a class act and he has fallen victim to the exceses of Madrid's 'must have buying policy' - Royston is definitely a player worth having - but he's so out of confidence Holland have dropped him.

    3) Arshavin - you will no doubt recall that I mentioned him some time back as a potential long-term replacement for Scholes. It would be a great move - but I suspect that instead of being tempted abroad some oligarch will pay him to stay in Russia. Time will tell.

    4) As far as the defence is concerned. As well as covering Rio and Vidic, we need a new right back too, but what you say has some sense to it, in that yes whoever comes in will be sitting on the bench for most of the time and that is wise talk of Micah Richards is frankly laughable. I think as far as Pique was concerned, Fergie sanctioned that for several reasons. He knew that he might have to make some sacrifices and maybe he thought Pique wasn't quite up to it and Barca's offer was too good to turn down.

    5) On Messi, he is a none starter as is Ronaldinho - but for different reasons - basically his shed has collapsed.

  9. 4 million for Pique is hardly a good deal... Liverpool got the same for Riise!!!! Adzmin.. I wouldn't put Ronaldhino in the same league as the Ronaldo. Like "Fat Ronaldo" he peaked young and faded away and became well Fat... We would of course miss Ronaldo but I think his ego is starting to get the better of him. A cocky peno nearly cost us the Champions League

  10. I think Man Utd should consider buying Sneijder. He's great at set pieces and passing too and is the absolute clone of Scholes. He's got everthing, age, experience and flair on his side. The only drawback is his height but he makes up for that by his class. Next would be Benzema, he hasn't played very well for France but I felt that in the game against Italy, if anyone was outstanding it would have to be Benzema. He drops back to collect the ball and can even play one two's with his striking partner(Rooney). He would be an instant hit at Old Trafford under Ferguson's supervision. As for a right back, it would have to be either Daniel Alves, Phillip Lahm or Micah Richards. I would prefer Daniel Alves... he's naturally attacking minded and is gifted with flair too... just the kind of player Man Utd need would complement Evra at left back...

  11. Keeping Ronaldo at United against his will for another season would give him and the world a signal that he is bigger than the club that the club can give him so much importance.

    There is still a large part of the summer left, and United aren't always in a hurry to pick up their players, the moves for Nani and Anderson came quite late last summer.

    And so we mustn't be too worried, United are clearly scoping out their targets as this Ronaldo fiasco draws to a close to United's advantage.


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