Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fergie's future hinges on amazing deal talk?....

On May 16th I posted that Fergie's own future could well hinge on United retaining the services of Cristiano Ronaldo. The reasoning behind that theory is obvious, the player is so important to the Red Devils, everyone most of all Ferguson, realises that.

There's further evidence to support this theory because a few seasons ago Fergie announced to the world that he'd decided to quit, at the time many pundits argued this public proclamation of intent affected team performance. Subsequently, once Fergie had decided to carry on the club let it be known that they would NEVER let this situation arise again.

Fergie eventually signed a rolling contract, more than once since then both the club and manager have said that they wouldn't say anything concrete about any impending retiring date.

That stance has been upheld until this summer, as more recently Fergie been saying he has only two years left, in so doing giving a more definitive retirement date. Is it just a coincidence that Fergie is trying to convince Ronaldo to stay too? Surely not, is the answer to that.

I have no doubt that Fergie has been making public noises about his own future in a bid to convince Ronaldo that his manager will still be around for a while yet. We all know how old Fergie is and it's rather obvious that he cannot go on forever, but still he has taken several recent opportunities to tell the world that he will not be leaving just yet.

The very latest news is that according to The Observer, and a senior United source, Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes agreed personal terms with Madrid a long time ago.

It's now being reported that Fergie will try to convince Ronaldo to stay for one more season and if this is true - and we can only speculate - that Fergie would then himself leave United.

If United do have firm evidence that Real and Mendes have been in negotiations then it will be interesting to see, what if anything, FIFA has to say because clearly this would be against their rules. If a case can proven against Real and FIFA do not act then what is the point of having rules in the first place?

I have update on this story as reports are claiming that Fergie could walk out on United if Ronaldo sold behind his back

The Observer - amazing deal talk

Fergie to retire if Ronaldo walks?


  1. Seemingly turbulent times for the double-winning side.

    The football section of the European media have not much to talk about this summer and have successfully depicted all the top four premier league sides in throes of a crisis.

    Liverpool - Are in a crisis of financial ownership

    Arsenal - Have lost Flamini, Hleb, and Adebayer may follow among others.

    Chelsea - Have lost an efficient manager under Grant, and are said to be losing players to Mourinho at Inter.

    Manchester United - The circus of Ronaldo.

    All of those headlines have some credence to them but they inevitably hide more than they reveal. This might give the impression that Manchester City, Everton, Tottenham and other top ten sides are licking their lips with the advent of the season, however, come August, it will all be back to normal as the top four teams will win regularly and convincingly as before, as give and take certain talismans, the set-ups and management systems of all four teams are world class and cannot be decimated in one summer.

    On another note, Queiroz, the assistant manager at United is reportedly offered the Portugal job as Scolari leaves. This might be paper talk but if it has any truth to it, it is a cause of concern as the stability we have taken for granted at Old Trafford might be dissipating in front of our very eyes if we lose our top two leaders.

    The European media have been successful in building up this summer crazier than the previous summer. Please, let us enjoy the Euros and let us quietly anticipate the resumption of Premier League Football.

  2. Good points as ever Uday. I have to agree with most of that. I think Queiroz is an excellent number two, but I've heard that some of the players do not like him - but to be honest that was when Keane and Ruud were still at the club.

    AS you say, come next season it's likely to be the same clubs dominating the top of the table again.


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