Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ronaldo delivers Real Madrid bombshell....

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally come out and confirmed that he wants to join Real Madrid.

The Player of The Year says he wants to leave the Red Devils and join Real Madrid.

Speaking to Terra: "I would like to play for Real Madrid but only if it is true they are ready to pay what United ask of them. However, it does not depend on me."

Many United fans will be disappointed with the player, but given Ronaldo's recent vibes about his dream of one day playing for the Spanish club, the news comes as no surprise.

It remains to be seen if United will sell and will they now report Real Madrid to UEFA for unsettling the player?


  1. Terrible behaviour from all sides in the issue sans United management themselves.

    If Ronaldo wanted to leave so badly, he should not have kicked up a circus. It is clearly Madrid's crazy illegal behaviour that is responsible.

    Ferguson should go ahead and report Madrid to UEFA and/or FIFA for their outrageous actions in the previous few weeks.

    As I said earlier, Ronaldo is leaving a history-making side, and is joining a side already flushed with talent. Regardless of his dream to play later in Spain, he should have been much more straightforward about it.

    United should take Madrid to the bank and clean out those bastards.
    I agree Ronaldo is a professional, and he is entitled to his dreams and his desires, but the way he has handled the whole situation reflects a certain amount of immaturity and an implicit assumption of superstardom, and greater than club mentality, for he only superficially stated he wanted to stay at United, and postured unnecessarily for the rest of the time.

    He has a lost a lot of respect the way he handled the entire situation. Madrid, as usual, are trying to recover their galacticos status, forgetting they already have a set of galacticos.

    I don't wish Madrid and Ronaldo the best after this affair.

    Maybe Ronaldo hastened his decision as Ferguson stated that he would leave soon as well.

    Regardless of all that, this has been a fiasco for Madrid and Ronaldo. Clubs will be less likely now to get into significant transfer talks with Madrid given the lack of respect they have shown to the management of the teams they target.

    Also, Ronaldo's credibility woud be questioned from now on, primarily because despite assuring that he was happy at United, he has made such a u-turn so rapidly.

    Ronaldo, you have missed out on United history, simply because you have won the double in one season, does not mean that you have seen or done it all you arrogant prick, good riddance.

    *I heard that Marca quoted that Ronaldo said he wanted to leave, I don't know how credible Terra is, but Marca has zero credibility, so all of the above has a slight chance of being Madrid propaganda (unless Terra of course is completely credible and you saw the interview live)

  2. I just confirmed it on the Guardian, I guess he will leave.

    Ferguson must be awfully angry at Ronaldo, Ronaldo was nothing without his development at United, he would have been an uncut diamond.

  3. Uday, I don't know what I'd do if I were running United. Do you sell now and get the best deal or wait until this transfer values drops over time as it surely will?

    The deeply annoying part of all of this is the tactics of Madrid. Ramon Calderon said a few days ago "our work is done now, we must wait and see what happens" In other words, they had achieved their objective of unsettling the player via the media.

    I'd like to see United play hardball, and here's the thing. Fergie has gone on record stating that the Glazers' will play hardball - how can they possibly now give in and just sell the player? They will look like turncoats...

  4. Sell him for sergio ramos and 60 million. Buy Aguero from Atletico Madrid for 30 million or so and come away with two world class players and a tidy profit.

    Ronaldo is great, but nobody is too good to be sold for a price. United can be made better without him.

  5. I would get the best deal possible, as he has clearly stated that he wants to leave.

    If the Glazers try playing hardball, Ronaldo might spend a fitful year at the Theatre of Dreams, and we certainly don't want a moody, young superstar sulking about the pitch when we are gunning for three trophies.

    Ronaldo himself said, Madrid should live up to their record breaking fees, I think United can make good business and pick up excellent players.

    The trouble then would be whether they need a striker forthwith, or whether they need a winger, maybe both?

    Exciting times for United if they are suddenly handed all of this cash, I think the Glazer's will give Ferguson full rein to replace the world class talent that is Ronaldo.


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