Saturday, June 21, 2008

BBC pundits stoke Fergie fire over Ronaldo future...

As if relations between Fergie and the BBC are not bad enough already with the United manager continuing to refuse to speak to the corporation following a 2004 BBC3 documentary entitled "Fergie and Son". At the time his son Jason worked for the Elite sports agency, the programme centred on allegations about dodgy transfers involving Elite and Manchester United players. Ferguson says that he does not bare grudges, but despite that he wants an apology from the Beeb - though he isn't expecting one any time soon.

During the recent David Frost interview, it became clear that Fergie is still raging mad over the allegations and with the pot simmering nicely, it's now likely to reach boiling point as the United manager will not be best pleased to learn that BBC Euro 2008 pundits Marcel Desailly and Mark Lawrenson have gone on-air stating in their belief that Ronaldo should quit the Red Devils this summer and join Real Madrid.

Lawrenson is of course a Liverpool supporter and a former player; it would be interesting to hear his response if he was asked the same question about the future of the Merseyside Reds Fernando Torres and the speculation linking him with Chelsea. It's doubtful that Lawro would be so quick to say that YES Torres should join another club.

Whether or not the BBC decided to deliberately stoke the Fergie fire is an interesting question to ask, it cannot be ruled out given the Beeb is aware that Fergie is unlikely to call a truce, added to which he is likely to quit the club in the next couple years.


  1. I don't think there's any agenda afoot. They are pundits who have opinions whether they're good or bad. And even I wouldn't say Torres would go to Chelsea, because to his credit he moved to immediately quash speculation, unlike a certain Portuguese winger who seems content to play with everyone despite making a decision in his mind well before Moscow.

  2. Strangely enough, I have seen the football focus shows with Desailly and the other guy stating very shortly that Ronaldo should leave in a short manner. Anyhow, they are entitled to their opinions.

    Russia beat Holland in what was a great match, we really should go out and get Arshavin, he is a match-winner for all occasions.

  3. They are entitled to their opinions but I think it's mischief making nonetheless. Regarding Arshavin, told you so about him a few weeks ago on here...Fergie, sign him on. The trouble is Russia has so many Oligarchs who are pulling the strings in every sphere of business and in sport it's unlikely that players such as Arshavin will be tempted away.


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