Monday, February 19, 2007

Wenger wants to scrap FA cup replays, why he's wrong.

As if having virtually no English or British players in the Arsenal squad isn't bad enough, Arsene Wenger wants to scrap FA cup replays. I don't agree and neither do many other fans of the FA Cup. Sure replays are a pain for the top clubs with so many big games over a season, take United who could only manage a draw with Reading on Saturday, the Reds have many difficult looking games coming up in both the league and in Europe and we could certainly do without the Reading replay, but FA Cup replays have given us many great games down the years and taking them away would devalue the FA Cup.

Who will ever forget United's FA Cup semi win over Arsenal in that historic treble winning season of 1999? And of course FA Cup semi final replays have now been scrapped now, thanks to the collective carping from clubs and managers alike. For the sake of the future of the FA Cup we need to keep replays.

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