Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mourinho to Madrid talk hots up as hacks get busy...

According to the laughable Daily Star Jose Mourinho has told Real Madrid that he will be their next manager if the club can secure the services of Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Obviously it must have been a very quiet news day on the Star sports desk as this rumour has all the hallmarks of journalistic creativity at its worst. There's no question that Mourinho's future is in doubt and any club in Europe would want Ronaldo right now. However, the problem with transfer rumours of this nature, is that no one is going to deny it, or confirm it, or come to that bother to do anything about it.

Newspapers can virtually print what they like, anything which creates a juicy back page headline might get fans to buy the paper and the mug punters fall for it time and time again. File this rumour under unlikely.

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