Friday, February 23, 2007

Jose Mourinho - the BIG I AM...

Over the last 12 month's Arsene Wenger and Jose have been sparring via the media, Mourinho somewhat hilariously called Wenger a 'peeping Tom' at one point, making reference to the Frenchman's telescope.

Earlier this week Wenger took time out to question the money being lavished on Chelsea by Roman Abramovich, no doubt that Wenger had his motives, after all he likes to take rival managers for a spin his wind up car now and again.

This weekend Chelsea and Arsenal clash in the Carling Cup final and for the record, I for one am backing Arsenal to win this one, just call it a gut feeling. Prior to the big weekend clash Jose has been talking to the press about himself and not surprisingly he's talking up his own credentials. The interesting thing is while talking about his success in England and back home in Portugal not once does he mention his players. One thing that you cannot say about Mourinho is that he lacks modesty and so if Chelsea do fail to win this weekend, you do wonder what the reaction of Jose 'the big I am' will be.

The big I am in good form.

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