Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fergie and Jose setting different agendas...

IN the space of just three days Fergie and Jose Mourinho have both committed their futures to their respective clubs. First it was Jose, stating that the only way he's leaving Stamford Bridge is either when his contract expires, or when he gets sacked "there is no third way". Then it was the turn of Fergie to take time out to send out his own threat to stay on for two more years.

In Mourinho's case, the message is clear 'I'm not going quietly', but considering the Chelsea manager has a contract until 2010 and considering what he's won for the Blues, then you might expect he's on solid ground, but seemingly not, why else would he be so bold about his future?

So even though the Blues have won the Carling Cup and perhaps yet more silverware this season, there must still be a huge element of doubt about him remaining in charge next season, his message wasn't just directed at the Chelsea fans, but more importantly to Roman Abramovich. If Mourinho does leave this summer, his departure will be interesting to say the least, given the way he conducts his one man PR campaigns.

As far as Fergie goes, some are speculating that he's only saying this to 'gee-up' his players, in other words "you lot better keep on playing 100% flat out every game, because I'm staying for a while longer", added to which media reports claim that the Red Devils could have a big summer clear out this summer. You argue the latter adds weight to Fergie wielding his big stick. I personally think it's fair to suggest that Fergie might be playing mind games with his players, but he will want to convince Ronaldo to stay put and his own future could be key to that, if the threat of staying on is real, and it keeps the Portuguese winger at United then great.

Mourinho is whistling in the wind though, as there is only room for one true king at Stamford Bridge, and when you are as wealthy and powerful as Abramovich, that could never be the manager and so no amount of carping to the press will change that.

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