Monday, January 30, 2012

Mourinho unlikely to choose cash-strapped Manchester United...

News that Jose Mourinho could be about to de-camp to yet another club will no doubt result in managers at some of Europe's top clubs looking over their shoulders. It was ever thus.

Mourinho is of course hugely successful; his wins to games ratio at 69% is astonishing, that's an incredible ll% higher than Ferguson's - though, it's true the United manager has been around for a lot longer.

Mourinho, may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in the eyes of many he is the finest club coach in the world. If we are to assume he could move on this summer, will he come to Manchester United and take over from Ferguson? The odds of Jose becoming to Old Trafford will be short, not because it is likely to happen, but because many United fans will back the current Real Manager. The bookies favourite doesn't always win...

When and if Jose moves on, he will have the pick of the top jobs - including the United job...but why would Mourinho take over a debt ridden, cash-strapped club when there's more attractive offers on the table? Mourinho is a winner, but wherever he's been since he left Porto, he has been backed to the hilt in the transfer market and that simply would NOT happen at Old Trafford.

Chelsea and Manchester City will be able to meet Mourinho's financial demands. In contrast, sadly, United have lost much of their clout in the transfer market since the Glazer family takeover in 2005. Ferguson can no longer compete effectively because of the financial constraints placed upon him.

Whoever takes over from Ferguson is on a hiding to nothing - after all his success who, apart from Mourinho could follow that? But, it's extremely doubtful that Jose would accept the United job, because it represents too much of a challenge.


  1. Mourinho would be the first choice for many fans, but for the reasons you state he should not even be considered for the job, I do not believe the coffers are entirely empty, I firmly believe that United's prudence in the market is based on UEFA and the FFP rules coming into force, we have at present a fairly cosmopolitan team, we need to integrate more home grown talent into it.

    Whoever does take over has to be up for the challenge, and it will be a challange, it has to be a person who understands the United way, and has the ethics and ethos of Matt and Sir Alex, I've got a long odds bet on Laurent Blanc, yeah OK laugh, I know it's not a safe bet, but can you see anyone else ?

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  2. Jack,

    I doubt Mourinho would take the United job. Jose will probably talk to United, but he will demand spending guarantees which would allow him to buy who he likes (within reason) and that would be a major stumbling block for the Glazers'.

    Without such guarantees Jose wouldn't touch the United job with a barge pole and what's more, he'd be mad to accept the job, because he'd be on a hiding to nothing.

    All of the top clubs are fully aware of FFP and yes that will always be a consideration, but United turnover vast amounts of cash - the trouble is way too much of that money is going towards paying the Glazers' debts and so money that could justifiably have been used under FFP is simply not available to the manager....

    Blanc isn't a bad shout IMO, but whoever it is that comes in will have to be a 'Yes Man'. I doubt Jose would be a lickspittle.

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