Saturday, March 05, 2011

Any chance of another Gerrard to Drogba style backpass tomorrrow Stevie?...

United take on Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow and ahead of the game Alan Hansen has stated that the league leaders cannot afford to lose. Whether or not you agree with Hansen's assertion is up to you, but the quality of the Premier League isn't what it was a few seasons ago and so United can probably afford to lose at Anfield and still win the title, at least that is this blog's prediction, for what it's worth.

One thing is for certain, it is the equivalent of the Scousers Cup Final in the context of this season.

For obvious reasons, Liverpool don't want United to win that 19th league title. It is why we can expect the Liverpool players to give nothing less than 100% against United.

Such a pity we didn't see that sort of application against Chelsea at Anfield last season. Steven Gerrard was credited with an assist in that fixture when he played in Didier Drogba late on in the title run-in; before it happened it was unthinkable to many that the Liverpool skipper could ever make such a mistake. But ask a United supporter and they will likely to you that it was no mistake. Indeed, the consensus of those canvased by this blog on this issue is that it was a deliberate act by Gerrard, it wasn't a mistake at all and so that backpass will forever remain a stain on his career.

Liverpool rolled over for Chelsea last season: it won't be happening tomorrow you can bet on it and given United's central defensive crisis it would come as no surprise if the Scousers win on Sunday.

Arsenal are realistically the only club who can stop United this season in the race for the title, but they will surely be on the wrong end of the mother of all hidings when they travel to the Nou Camp later this week in the Champions League; the result of that Group of 16 tie is likely to have a negative impact on player morale at Arsenal.

Whatever happens at Anfield tomorrow, it is to be hoped it will be the United fans who have the last laugh this season.

Smalling is expected to partner Wes Brown in the heart of the United defence due injuries to Vidic and Ferdinand. Fletcher and Carrick, who have both been inconsistent too often this season have been rewarded with new long-term deals this week: let us hope on this occasion their performances match the expectations of the supporters at Anfield.


  1. Typical poor old Utd, everyone tries against us but lets everyone else win.
    You've been trained well by your dark lord, Vader.

    All teams try against all teams, get off this woe is us nonsense, Utd are the big boys of the premier league, listening to you whine is just so cringeworthy
    I can't take anything you say seriously.

    Hope you lose purely because of your sad sad belief that teams only try against Utd.

  2. Steve,

    Are you seriously telling me that Gerrard and Co tried against Chelsea last season?

  3. I believe that was quite obvious from my last comment,
    If you believe Liverpool have acted in any other manner than honestly, report it to the FA.
    Personally I think you shouldn't judge others by your own standards.

    The last time Fergy said something similar, Utd ended up losing the title race on the last day of the season, when you drew 0-0 with West Ham and Liverpool beat Blackburn, I hope the same happens this season.

  4. Steve,

    Fergie has acted disgracefully at times when seding out weakened teams.

    We aren't discussing that here - this is much worse in some ways: Your top player was guilty of an assist...and collectively the Liverpool players on duty couldn't be arsed.


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