Sunday, December 12, 2010

Same old story: Too much talking ahead of Arsenal clash...

United are preparing for Monday night's clash with top of the table Arsenal; the pressure has been building steadily as usually happens ahead a visit to Old Trafford.

There has been no shortage of talking in the run-up what is often a bad tempered affair; we've read comments attributed to Patrice Evra, telling Arsenal that they are not good enough to win the title; we've also heard Samir Nasri stating that United have lost the Old Trafford fear factor. All this in the same week that United have threatened to ban any season ticket holder who is caught abusing Arsene Wenger by singing songs accusing him of being a paedophile.

For his part, Ferguson, has for once, tempered his comments; given United want to put an end to the anti Wegner chant, the manager obviously did not want to be viewed as the one who stoked the fire.

The fans love a bit of knockout about via the media ahead of these big games, but does it really add anything to the actually game itself? In years gone by rival managers have read out the comments from the other dressing room in their pre-match team-talk, but it's actually doubtful Wenger or Ferguson have had to use that tactic given their respective abilities.

The bad feeling that exists between both clubs and their supporters is very real and sometimes it leads to violence on the streets; Wenger, Ferguson, Evra and Nasri and Co never see this ugly side of football, but they are in part are responsible because they talk too much about such rivalries. To coin a phrase, they should allow their football to do the talking on the pitch.

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