Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fergie facing sack over Rooney? There's more chance of Postman Pat becoming United's next manager....

The future of Wayne Rooney continues to be the hottest talking point in football, with reports claiming the club will not meet the player's excessive wage demands.

But money appears to be only one of a number of issues. Wayne Rooney is said to be one of the few United player's who will stand up to Ferguson. And amidst reports of a recent bust-up over revelations about Wayne's private life, the relationship between player and manager has been further strained following Rooney's recent counter-injury claims in relation to Ferguson going on record on numerous occasions stating that United's talisman has been playing with injuries this season.

United supporters will be desperately hoping Rooney backs down and makes the peace with his manager, but that scenario is beginning to look unlikely. United held a UNICEF press conference yesterday, but the topic of Wayne Rooney was off limits, however, David Gill, CEO, stated that an announcement would be made at the appropriate time. According to eye witnesses, Ferguson was in fine fettle and if he is concerned about the possible departure of his star striker he didn't show it.

If the tabloid gossip columns are to be believed, Rooney is said to have a number of grievances; one of which is the current state of the United squad following the sale of Ronaldo and Tevez. It is claimed that Rooney is unhappy because the club hasn't strengthened the squad adequately.

From the fans' perspective it's difficult to know who is telling the truth in these situations, because both parties will be leaking their side of the story to the press. One thing looks certain, there's too many stories for this to be yet another tabloid kite flying exercise; so we the fans' have to prepare ourselves for Rooney's possible departure - and quite possibly to Manchester City too.

As expected the media are having a field day, and as per usual there's an awful lot of guff and spin, sans any concrete facts. One report claims that the Glazers' have told Ferguson to do what he thinks is best, but according to David McDonnell of the Daily Mirror, the manager's head is on the chopping block should Rooney leave the club: I haven't heard anything as ridiculous since David Steel told the Liberal party conference to go back to their constituencies and prepare for government in 1981.

I cannot think of any scenario in which the Glazers' would sack Ferguson: he has been a solid supporter of the family since the much maligned takeover back in 2005 - much to the annoyance of this blog and the majority of right thinking United supporters - the loss of Rooney is big news, but it most definitely will not spell the end for Ferguson. There's more chance of Postman Pat becoming United's next manager and I'm referring to the one from Greendale and not Fabio Capello - though there is an uncanny likeness...


  1. I agree that there is little likelihood of Fergie being sacked.

    But having been bitten by Americans I know that they are quite ruthless when it comes to business. They care little what you or I think, The fans, they believe, will come and pay their admission fee whatever!

    At the moment they can service their debts. Ferguson has not asked for much money and I doubt that he will whatever happens.

    But if Manchester United was to become less of a market grabber it remains at the moment. You can expect fireworks from the Americans- just to protect their cash cow!

    I do not believe Gill and his nonsense that over £100million is in the 'transfer kitty' for Ferguson!

    So when Rooney goes Ferguson will have to face reality. I do not think he will want to be at the helm as Manchester United slip down the league further. If, as likely, they go out of the Champions League then next season they will not be in that competition and that, to the Glazers, is money! So the future is not bright for Fergie!

    As I suggested yesterday, the press have started on Fergie today. Just wait for the weekend, especially if Manchester United flop at the weekend!They will all be sharpening their knives then!

  2. Strapworld,

    I'm not disputing Fergie might retire, but he will not be sacked and you can remind me if I'm wrong on that score.

    The Glazers' are pushing a handcart to hell and it will end in tears...just like Hicks and Gillett, they will lose their prized asset, it is only a question of when and not if. Once Fergie goes, they won't be far behind him.

  3. I just watched the news conference on sky....

    Summary here:


    Wayne Rooney you slimy son of bitch, I bite my thumb at thee.

  4. Mr Rydell,

    Thank you for your reply. I am rather bemused by your last sentence. You are actually saying that Ferguson will be going.

    Having just seen the press briefing and Ferguson reading a prepared statement I was rather impressed by his demeanour.

    I think the only consideration the club have to make now is whether to sell Rooney in January and maximise the value or wait until the end of the season.

    Reading the Telegraph it appears that Rooney will be able to purchase the rest of his contract for £5million and move on then.

    So, if that is the correct situation, I do think the decision will be a January trade.

    I do not think that Rooney or his agent will bother returning through the 'open door' Ferguson says is there.

    Sad. But I believe the team will be stronger now all this has come out. I hope Rooney is given a roasting by the fans loyal to the club. He has proved to be disloyal to both his wife and family as well as his club.

    Good riddance I say!

  5. Wow, Fergie confirms the transfer request is in. What's crazy is that it sounds as if it's been this way for a long time. If Rooney is truly upset that United didn't bring in more help after Ronaldo and Tevez left I can understand. Otherwise, I don't think the club have done wrong by him. Let the bidding war begin I guess.

  6. Perhaps this will be the straw that finally pushes the lukewarm fans over the edge in re: Glazers. Here is what I mean. Rooney is most likely going to be sold in January. I'd say 50/50 we have to get a replacement then. I think there would be patience until the summer. If they don't replace Rooney by the summer then the fencesitters will finally be pushed over the edge by the Glazers.

    We have too many "almost men". Rooney was one of the few who was better. I fear Macheda will be another. By not bringing in a class player, the fans will truly revolt. It's not positive, but I am trying to find some silver lining in this.

  7. Strapworld,

    What I'm saying is Fergie cannot carry too much longer irrespective of the Rooney situation and once Fergie retires the Glazers' will soon follow him out of the door, the difference being they will be on the wrong end of a size nine boot up the backside. Their doomed regime can only fail.

    The most likely scenario for Fergie to go will be on the grounds of ill-health - at least that is my prediction if he's to bow out early...

  8. Evgenni,

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head, the only positive to come out of this is that it could bring about the Glazers' departure in a reduced time scale. My prediction is they will be out within two years.


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