Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fergie's number one transfer target going to jail?..

Oh dear, if reports are to be believed Karim Benzema and Frank Ribery could be set for a spell behind bars for reported liasons with an under-age escort girl.
Worst case, the French stars could be looking at three years behind bars.

According to reports, Algerian-born, Zahia Dehar, worked as a £1,740 hooker to some of the biggest names in French football.

United fans would no doubt like to see Ribery sent to jail following his antics at Old Trafford in the Champions League this season.

As far as Benzema is concerned, he's been strongly linked with United in the past and Fergie is said to be an admirer, but the player has consistently said he doesn't fancy a move to England.


  1. Benzema never said he didn't fancy moving to England, that was the press talking. He was quoted as saying he didn't mind whether it was United or Real, but Real bid more for him and Lyon took the higher offer. From a footballing perspective it's been a mistake to go there, and if he does come to United, he will be superb with Rooney up front.

  2. Apparently, he's available on the "cheap". It couldn't be because of his impending trial could it?

  3. I've got the same fears here as you James. The guy has flopped in Madrid so not surprising they are gonna flog him on the cheap (ala Huntelaar) based on that he could be a bargain compaired to what we were prepared to pay last summer but the guy could end up in jail for this stuff and it would be a huge risk for any team to sign him.

    Would be nice if we could get him on loan for a year with a future fee agreed should we wish to make it perminant - they did this with Arsenal with Baptista right? That way we can still sign him but if the legal stuff becomes a major issue we can send him back to madrid without losing a large sum of cash.

    Oh and I hate Gerrard more than ever right now.


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