Friday, January 23, 2009

Gerrard in the Dock as takeover talk erupts - a timely coincidence?

So then on the very day that Steven Gerrard was due in court to face charges of assault and affray, media sources are all of a sudden reporting that there’s renewed interest from the Middle East, regarding taking over the troubled Merseyside club.
The timing of this takeover talk coming on the day of Gerrard’s initial court appearance is surely simply too much of a coincidence.

A cynic like myself would say it's a good day to bury potentially damaging news and following the events which led up to Gerrard spending a night in the Southport police cells, it seems that LFC have been using every trick in the PR book to deflect attention away from their captain and his problems.

First we had Rafa’s barmy rant at Ferguson; but the Spaniard didn’t stop there as he went to war with other high-profile targets. You do wonder about Rafa’s more recent scattergun rants, are they part of any concerted media campaign to deflect attention away from Gerrard, or is the Liverpool manager simply losing the plot? I'm fairly certain Rafa's rant at Fergie and today's news is an attempt to deflect attention away from Gerrard, as for the rest of it, I'm not really sure.

This might surprise Liverpool fans, but I wish them well regarding finding new owners. Like United, Liverpool are a huge club; both are institutions and as such they should be run accordingly without threat to their futures due to issues surrounding owners who fail to deliver on promises.

Following on from yesteday's post on possible interest from Dubai concerning taking over United and coming on the back of today's news about potential takeover's for Liverpool and Chelsea fans will be wondering where it will all end.

UPDATE: This update, is partially in response to the LFC fans who rubbished my story yesterday. For the record, and in case there's any misunderstanding; I wasn't suggesting that there is no substance behind the reports. I was however stating, very clearly, that the timing of the leaked story was suspect to say the least. Following on from that today the said Kuwaiti group have denied the takeover claims which further vindicates my initial assertions that the whole story was indeed leaked to time with Gerrard's court appearance.

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